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The PowerBanc™ Backup Power Source (BPS) consists of deep cycle 6-volt batteries with recombiners. The casing for the unit is fiberglass on a wood frame. In appearance, the unit looks like a washer or dryer appliance. It is wired into the breaker box of the residence or small business. There is a small breaker box that is an integral part of the device.

The Company believes it is using the best inverter in the business.  The inverter takes the Direct Current (DC) and converts it to Alternating Current (AC).  Batteries, solar power, wind power, etc., produce DC current.  The home or business uses AC current.  Therefore, in a real sense, the inverter is the heart of the PowerBanc™ BPS. The inverter enables a consumer to add a renewable energy source to the residence or small business.

There is a relay switch that detects any power interruption. This switch is so effective that the transition from the utility grid to the backup emergency power source is virtually seamless. Computers will stay on line and a consumer watching TV will not know that anything has happened. The relay switch reacts in 16 milliseconds. By comparison, it takes a 100-millisecond interruption to crash a computer.

The customer has the option of adding a timer. This enables the customer to set the PowerBanc™ BPS so that it supplies the power  from its reserves during on-peak hours and replenishes itself during cheaper off-peak hours.  This feature will become more significant as the effects of deregulation are felt.

The charger is designed to recharge the batteries when power is restored. It is programmed to shut the system down when the batteries get too low; to bring the batteries up to full charge at the proper rate when the emergency is over; to prevent the batteries from ever being over-charged; and to keep the batteries at full power when they are not on line.

The PowerBanc™ BPS is wired directly into the breaker box of the residence or small business. An electrician is required to install the unit, though a trained homeowner may wire his or her own residence. (This is not recommended unless the homeowner is knowledgeable in such matters.) The Company estimates a one to four hour installation time.

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