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Q. What is a PowerBanc™ Backup Power Source?
The PowerBanc™ BPS is an advanced electrical storage/inversion system.

Q. How does it work?
The heart of PowerBanc™ BPS is an integrated inverter/charger/relay system that functions in conjunction with your circuit breaker panel. When your next power outage occurs, the control relay station will automatically and instantaneously disconnect from your utility company's grid system (power lines) and tap into an energy reserve stored by your PowerBanc™ BPS.

Q. What is the maintenance on a PowerBanc™ BPS?
Very minimal maintenance is required. Inspection once a year is recommended.

Q. What are the dimensions of a PowerBanc™ BPS?
Approximately the size of an automatic washing machine. Generally, systems are 32" width x 50" height x 24" depth

Q. What are the sizes of the PowerBanc™ BPS?
Sizes range from 1500 watts with 4 batteries to 7200 watts with 16 batteries.

Q. How long do the batteries last in the event of an outage?
This depends on the electrical devices connected to the PowerBanc™ BPS. Typical timespan is 24 - 72 hours.

Q. What kind of batteries does it use?
Lead acid Deep Cycle batteries.

Q. Why are lead acid batteries used instead of Gel Cel or NiCad batteries?
Lead acid batteries provide the most power and best storage capabilities for the money.

Q. Why would I not continue to rely on my Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) rather than a PowerBanc ™ BPS?
A UPS typically will run one computer terminal for 10 - 15 minutes where as the PowerBanc™ BPS can run several loads for 24 - 72 hours.

Q. Does the PowerBanc™ BPS need venting?
No, because it uses recombiners.

Q. What are recombiners and how do they work?
Recombiners replace the battery vent caps. They capture the hydrogen and oxygen gases and return them back to the battery cell in the form of pure water.

Q. How do I know if my batteries are running low?
A battery storage level gauge is included with the unit to show the amount of remaining D.C. battery power.

Q. What is a Power Pulse?
A battery maintenance system that prevents sulfation of the plates. A Power Pulse will extend the life of the batteries.

Q. Can I use a PowerBanc™ BPS to lower my electric bills?
Most utility companies have an off-peak tariff which allows you to buy cheap energy at off-peak rates. The PowerBanc™ BPS can store the off-peak energy to be  used during high peak times which results in savings per kilowatt.

Q. What if I need wattage beyond the storage life of my PowerBanc™ BPS?
In the event of prolonged power outages, a direct current generator can be used to charge the batteries of the PowerBanc™ BPS.

Q. What if I have the requirement for 220 volts rather than 110 volts?
Several PowerBanc™ BPS models have the capabilities to provide 220 volts.

Q. Can the PowerBanc™ BPS be used for medical purposes?
As a general policy, PowerBanc Corporation does not recommend the use of any of its products in life support applications where failure or malfunction of the PowerBanc™ BPS can be reasonably expected to cause failure of the life support device or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness. PowerBanc Corporation does not recommend the use of any of its products in direct patient care. PowerBanc Corporation will not knowingly sell its products for use in such applications unless it receives in writing assurances satisfactory to PowerBanc Corporation that (a) the risks of injury of damage have been minimized, (b) the customer assumes all such risks, and (c) the liability of PowerBanc Corporation is adequately protected under the circumstances.

Q. What is a sine wave inverter and why are they more expensive?
Sine wave inverters deliver true sine wave AC output power with  high efficiencies from storage batteries.  They have high surge ability and low idle current draw.  Because of the pure sine wave, the expense is greater than a  modified sine wave inverter.

Q. Do PowerBanc™ systems cause backfeeding like generators?
Backfeeding is very dangerous. PowerBanc™ systems will not and can not cause backfeeding like generators.

Q. Does the PowerBanc™ BPS provide for any power conditioning in the case of brown downs  or spikes in the electrical flow from my power company?
The inverter used on the PowerBanc™ BPS will watch for over/under  voltage and transfer a switch when it recognizes the difference in electrical flow.

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