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The PowerBanc™ Backup Power Source (BPS) is an advanced electrical storage/inversion device that gives homeowners and small businesses the ability to store up to 72 hours (3 days) of emergency power. A PowerBanc™ BPS provides "energy insurance" and peace of mind when power failures occur.

How It Works
The heart of a PowerBanc™ BPS is an integrated inverter/charger/relay system that functions in conjunction with any residential or small business circuit breaker panel. When a power failure occurs, the control relay station automatically and instantaneously disconnects from the utility company's grid system (power lines) and taps into an energy reserve stored by the PowerBanc™ BPS. This reserve will be there to power what the consumer considers daily essentials. For some, heat, lights, refrigeration, TV and sump pump will suffice. For others, more circuits, and more capacity, may be required. The system is automatically replenished by the utility grid after power is restored. No matter what the season, or what the customers backup power needs are, a PowerBanc™ BPS can provide the consumer with emergency power while others are scrambling for generators or heading for emergency shelters.

Unparalleled Convenience
Until the development of the PowerBanc™ BPS, the answer for emergency backup electricity generally had been cumbersome generators powered by fuel. Generators are expensive to operate and maintain, and they only run a few hours before needing refueling. Plus, unless coupled with an automatic switch and starter, they only work if the user is on site at the time of an outage, hook it up and start it; and the transition is never "seamless".

Always Ready And Instantaneous
Competitively priced, a PowerBanc™ BPS provides a homeowner or small business person with an electrical inversion system designed to safeguard against worrisome power failures. The relay switch in a PowerBanc™ BPS takes only 16 milliseconds to make the transition from the power grid to the backup energy reserve. By way of comparison, it takes a 100-millisecond power interruption to cause a computer to crash. The switch is so instantaneous that clocks on household utilities will not indicate a power failure by blinking.

Customizable Configurations
The cost of a PowerBanc™ BPS varies from about $2,500 to $11,500 depending on the load the customer wishes to back up.

The system can be expanded as needs change, and each PowerBanc™ BPS includes a one year parts and labor limited warranty.

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