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Dan Juhl has been working with electric power and, in particular, renewable energy sources for over 23 years. In 1996 a friend of Juhl's called him with a problem. This friend had moved his home/business to the mountains in Colorado and was experiencing difficulties with power failure.

His business relied heavily on computers, and these failures were costly and potentially devastating to his business. He lived high in the mountains and was at the end of a rural electrical co-op service line. His location was not suitable for the use of solar or wind power because of the density of the tree cover.  So a system was devised to store utility power to allow him to have electrictity when the grid failed. Thus the first PowerBanc™ was developed.

Early Success
It was in this circumstance that Dan Juhl built his first PowerBanc™ Backup Power Source (BPS). Since then, Juhl has sold more than 50 units with no significant marketing effort. The sales were primarily generated by word of mouth.

The PowerBanc™ systems sold to date have been assembled in a small shop near Juhl's home in Cottonwood, Minnesota.

A Focused Corporation
Climatic events in the last two years have made Juhl come to realize the large potential market for his product. Power outages have been reported regularly all across the country as well as  in his home state of Minnesota.

In August of 1998, Juhl met with Michael Ryan, who was intrigued with the product. They made a decision to form a new Minnesota corporation with a view to aggressively manufacture, market and sell PowerBanc™ Backup Power Sources for residential and small business use.

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