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More About The Chairiot
The Chairiot measures 40" in height, posts are 1" in diameter, and shelves each 18"x24" made with a nickel-chrome durable finish that includes a protective lacquer coat. Seat measures 22" in width and 16" in depth. Seat height can be repositioned in 1" increments using the grooves that are numbered on the posts. The bottom shelf must remain stationary on the bottom for maximum support.

Stability is provided by 5" wheels (1 ΒΌ" face) and all wheels swivel so you may change directions very easily. Each wheel has its own brake so that when they are set the Chairiot will not slip out from under you while sitting or standing. The Chairiot will support up to 250 pounds.

The Chairiot's seat cushion is made with 2" compressed foam rubber. The fabric used for the seat cover and back is outdoor canvas. The seat cover may be easily removed using the zipper and laundered with the back. Fabrics may vary due to availability.