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The story I am telling here is my story. The Chairiot is not just a garden chair/cart. My interest was in gardening and I came up with a solution that allows me to pursue that. Your story - your interest - may or may not be the same but the Chairiot may also be your solution.
Many of us have experienced loss of muscle strength - some suddenly - some over time. These losses have robbed us of activities that were once part of our daily lives. While we cannot regain lost muscle, BCeated's new Chairiot will provide the support you need (using your own foot power) to return to activities that you believed were no longer possible.

As a bulbar polio survivor currently experiencing post-polio syndrome, I understand the disappointment of giving up activities that previously gave me great joy. In fact I designed the Chairiot specifically to compensate for my own muscle loss that had prevented me for the past several years from working in my garden.

The Chairiot allows me to sit in comfort while I plant (in ground and in pots), weed, prune, and water. While performing these activities I move the Chairiot along using my feet. I don't mow the grass but I never wanted to do that anyway.

Since I am still able to walk I move the Chairiot from one location in the yard to another by walking behind and pushing the unit using the posts and hand grips. You do not need to walk in order to enjoy the benefits of the Chairiot.

I am continuing to discover more and more uses for the Chairiot. When I need a cart, I remove the seat cushion and load the seat area with whatever items I want to move to a new location (either pushing or pulling using the posts and hand grips for support).

I use the Chairiot to transport groceries from the car into my kitchen, potting soil or new pots from the car to my backyard, or just deliver a gift to a neighbor down the street. The Chairiot can be used as a chair or as a heavy-duty cart. I know you will find other ways that the Chairiot can meet your needs.