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Internet Services

This is outdated. For hosting we recommend
Register your domain & get a hosting account.
Alternatively, set up an account at or, but not
We can walk you thru either of these options and help you design your site.


GoDaddy has a good e-book available to get you started:

Start A Website - From A to Z

Web Hosting

Basic Site $25/month
Disk space and bandwidth necessary for a typical small business, band, or organization. A site may include a home page, info/contact page, one or two product/service pages, and a customer order / info form.

Advanced Site
This may include a large number of pages, e-commerce capability, multimedia files, photo galleries, etc. Pricing will be negotiated on an individual basis based upon space and bandwidth required.

Web Design

Site design and other services will generally be quoted on a per-project basis using the following guidelines:

Site design & HTML programming $75/hr
HTML tutoring $75/hr
Custom software $100/hr
Install message board $200
   Maintain message board (see above)
Update existing web page $10 minimum
Create new web page $50 minimum
Graphic scanning / photo touchup $50/hr
  (cropping, sizing, color correction, optimization)
Original Multimedia design $100/hr
  (print, video, audio, animation, etc.)


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