Episode # 1 aired
Friday, April 1, 2005 11pm
WJYS TV 62 Chicago
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    "Fields Of Screams" investigates an old silent film, (The Adventures of Chief Big Cloud). The appearance of an alien in a 1920's horse opera is strange enough, but the mystery deepens when Dick & Dizzy attempt to track down its origin.
   The original reel was purchased on Ebay by a famous Hollywood Producer/Director "Woody Johnson" from a seller in central Illinois. When "Woody" went to Mendota to find the seller, he found a dilapidated house, apparently vacant for decades. By the time Dizzy got there, she found nothing but a volleyball court in a park. Neighbors and local authorities denied a house ever being there. So where did the film come from?
    Dizzy seeks insight from the local network radio affiliate, WMKB in Mendota. WMKB is, unfortunately, surrounded by cornfields and she finds nothing but trouble.
    The show also investigates other strange events which reveal a cornucopia of alien involvement in everyday lives. One of the most poignant stories involves the Apollo 14 moon landing, a trailer-park romance, alien abduction, and a tearful reunion of long-lost lovers.
    Apparently, aliens have been turning humans into cornstalks for decades. Follow Dick & Dizzy as they expose and assemble the pieces of of an "alien cornspiracy" which may mean the end of mankind if gone unchecked.
    Even it means the end of them...
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