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Richard Boone
as Paladin

Theme Song Sung
By Johnny Western

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Richard Boone's great-great-great-great-grandfather, George Boone,
was a brother of pioneers Daniel Boone and Squire Boone.
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Season 1

ThreeBellsToPerdido S1, Ep1 14 Sep. 1957
Paladin seeks the job of seizing a rancher's son-in-law at Perdido, an isolated Mexican city of outlaws run by outlaws for outlaws.

Jack Lord, Janice Rule, Judson Pratt, Harry Shannon, Francis McDonald, Kam Tong, Chris Drake, Theodore Marcuse, Martin Garralaga, Gene Roth, Bert Stevens, Arthur Tovey

TheOutlaw S1, Ep2 21 Sep. 1957
Paladin accepts the task of capturing an escaped criminal, only to form an irregular bond with the convicted man.

Charles Bronson, Grant Withers, Steve Mitchell, Barry Cahill, Peggy Stewart, Kam Tong, Warren Parker

TheGreatMojaveChase S1, Ep3 28 Sep. 1957
Paladin gambles on eluding an accomplished team of man-hunters in their own stretch of arid wasteland - with the help of an unorthodox Army surplus purchase.

Claude Akins, Lawrence Dobkin, Earle Hodgins, Jonathan Hole, William Fawcett, Hal Smith, Walter Reed, John Bose, John George, Perry Ivins, Mathew McCue, Paul Palmer, Bob Reeves, Phil Schumacher, Tom Smith, Cap Somers

Written by Gene Roddenberry
WinchesterQuarantine S1, Ep4 5 Oct. 1957
When the man in black chooses to aid a tormented Cherokee ranch owner, his actions lead to questions of which side he's really on.

Anthony Caruso, Carol Thurston, Leo Gordon, Don Keefer, Robert Karnes, Vic Perrin, Rocky Shahan, James Parnell, Herman Hack, Chick Hannan, Joe Phillips, George Sowards

AMatterOfEthics S1, Ep5 12 Oct. 1957
Paladin secures some ill feelings when he hires his gun to an accused murderer, but may have to fight an altogether unexpected foe in order to keep the terms of his contract.

Angie Dickinson, Strother Martin, Harold J. Stone, Roy Barcroft, John Mitchum, Steven Terrell, Willis Bouchey, Burt Nelson, Ken Mayer, Kam Tong, Theodore Marcuse, Peter Brocco, Fred Carson, Bill Coontz, Mathew McCue, Bob Reeves, Cap Somers

TheBride S1, Ep6 19 Oct. 1957
Paladin forsakes a possibly lucrative appointment in order to guard a young woman from desert perils.

Mike Connors, Marian Seldes, Bruce Gordon, Barry Cahill

StrangeVendetta S1, Ep7 26 Oct. 1957
When a simple theater invitation turns into a case of assassination, Paladin takes an expensive contract that may prove even more irregular than he realizes.

June Vincent, Michael Pate, Gerald Milton, Onslow Stevens, Ned Glass, Kam Tong, Abel Fernandez, Roberto Contreras, Rocky Shahan, Brandon Beach, Fred Carson

HighWire S1, Ep8 2 Nov. 1957
Paladin plays the sportsman, reluctantly for once, in an effort to reunite a fallen circus performer with his dignity.

Strother Martin, John Dehner, Jack Albertson, Fay Spain, Buddy Baer, Theodore Marcuse, Duane Grey, Chet Brandenburg, Forest Burns, Leonard P. Geer, Tex Holden, Ray Jones, Fred McDougall, Robert Robinson

ShowOfForce S1, Ep9 9 Nov. 1957
An all-night poker match's deceptive pot gives Paladin strategic inspiration for ending a range war.

Rodolfo Acosta, Russ Conway, Peter Coe, Joe Bassett, Vic Perrin, Ned Glass, Kam Tong, Andy Brennan, Robert Haines, Carl Mathews

TheLongNight S1, Ep10 16 Nov. 1957
Three men in black wait to be hanged the next day for a murder it seems any one of them might have committed. Of the three, one's holster bears a silver chess knight.

James Best, William Schallert, Kent Smith, Michael Granger, Kenneth Alton

TheColonelAndTheLady S1, Ep11 23 Nov. 1957
Paladin is hired to research a "lost chapter" of western history for a writer he is told has cruel intentions.

Denver Pyle, Robert F. Simon, June Vincent, Faye Michael Nuell, Robert Stevenson, Jess Kirkpatrick, Mercedes Shirley, Peggy Rea, Woody Chambliss, Kam Tong, Cap Somers

NoVisitors S1, Ep12 30 Nov. 1957
Paladin's patience is tested when a settlement, believing typhoid to be a direct result of divine will, condemns innocents to death.

June Lockhart, Whit Bissell, Grant Withers, Ruth Storey, Peg Hillias, Jimmy Noel, Ann Urcan

TheEnglishman S1, Ep13 7 Dec. 1957
Reckless practical jokes endanger human life as Paladin acquaints an English gentleman with new surroundings.

Ted de Corsia, Tom Helmore, Alix Talton, Murvyn Vye, Clinton Sundberg, Abel Fernandez, Kam Tong, Robert Bice, Peter Brocco, Jimmy Noel

TheYumaTreasure S1, Ep14 14 Dec. 1957
Summoned to a frontier fort, Paladin learns from a Major Wilson that the nearby Maricopas -- on whose land sits a legendary goldmine -- have recently turned hostile. Paladine agrees to escort the Major to meet Gerada, the Maricopa chief, but Wilson proves to be more interested in stealing gold than resolving differences.

Warren Stevens, Henry Brandon, Harry Landers, Russell Thorson, Barry Cahill

Written by Gene Roddenberry
TheHangingCross S1, Ep15 21 Dec. 1957
Christmas proves a dangerous time when a rancher chooses family over peace and violence over negotiation.

Johnny Crawford, James Gavin, Edward Binns, Abraham Sofaer, Don Beddoe, Mary Adams, Frances Osborne, Nyra Monsour, Buck Young, Mitchell Kowall, Dee Cooper, Fred McDougall, Joe Phillips, Buddy Roosevelt, Jack Tornek

Written by Gene Roddenberry
HelenOfAbajinian S1, Ep16 28 Dec. 1957
Paladin is hired to defend an Armenian maiden's honor, but it soon appears that she may not be the one in need of looking after.

Harold J. Stone, Wright King, Lisa Gaye, Vladimir Sokoloff, Nick Dennis, Naomi Stevens, Kam Tong, Nick Borgani, Mathew McCue

Written by Gene Roddenberry
EllaWest S1, Ep17 4 Jan. 1958
Paladin suspects his services may be wasted when he is hired to rein in a fiery female performer's violent, unladylike demeanor.

Norma Crane, William Swan, Earle Hodgins, Mike Mazurki, Mason Curry, Brandon Beach, Heinie Conklin, Russell Custer, George DeNormand, John George, Philo McCullough, Fred McDougall

Written by Gene Roddenberry
TheReasonableMan S1, Ep18 11 Jan. 1958
Paladin offers his services in preventing a coming-of-age story from killing either of its two key players.

Norma Moore, Tom Pittman, Adam Williams, Barry Atwater, Leonard P. Geer, Heinie Conklin, Franklyn Farnum, George Huggins, Mathew McCue, Fred McDougall

TheHighGraders S1, Ep19 18 Jan. 1958
Paladin's suspicions are aroused after his tailor dies inside his own goldmine.

Susan Cabot, Robert Wilke, Bob Steele, Nico Minardos, Carlyle Mitchell, Chris Alcaide, Duke Fishman, Jack Perrin, John Roy, Jack Stoney

TheLastLaugh S1, Ep20 25 Jan. 1958
Paladin is the subject of a vigilant manhunt after being wrongly accused of the accident that left a rancher's wife crippled.

Peter Whitney, Stuart Whitman, Murray Hamilton, Jean Allison, Frankie Darro, Jack Holland, Lovyss Bradley, Chick Hannan, Jimmy Noel

TheBostonian S1, Ep21 1 Feb. 1958
Paladin assists a Bostonian in Western exile upon learning they once shared a tailor.

Constance Ford, Harry Townes, Joe De Santis, Chris Alcaide, Luis Gomez, Frederick Ford, Jimmie Booth, Russell Custer, Mathew McCue, Joe Phillips

TheSinger S1, Ep22 8 Feb. 1958
Paladin takes the job of giving ten minutes alone with a married woman, who has operatic aspirations, to a young client.

Joan Weldon, Richard Long, Denver Pyle, Kam Tong, Jay Adler, Gloria Pall, Richard Hartunian, Fred McDougall

BitterWine S1, Ep23 15 Feb. 1958
It's a small-scale Irish/Italian war when Paladin attempts to make peace between an oilman and a vintner.

Eduardo Ciannelli, Rita Lynn, Richard Shannon, Donald Foster, James Waters, Val Benedict, Abdullah Abbas, Nick Borgani, Earl Spainard

GirlFromPiccadilly S1, Ep24 22 Feb. 1958
Paladin's task is to unite a grieving patron with the daughter-in-law he's never met, but the job is complicated by the rather convenient disappearance of any and all identifying documents.

William Schallert, Betsy von Furstenberg, Carl Benton Reid, Charles Aidman, Fintan Meyler, Charles Fredericks, Kam Tong, Russ Bender

TheO'HareStory S1, Ep25 1 Mar. 1958
The engineer Paladin is hired to stop may be the only man in the picture he truly respects when the fight for an area's water brings in gunmen with less charitable outlooks.

Victor McLaglen, John Doucette, Herbert Rudley, Christine White, Ken Mayer, Rick Vallin, Alex Sharp, Paul Hahn, Fred Carson

BirdsOfAFeather S1, Ep26 8 Mar. 1958
A right-of-way dispute has turned a small town into a seething battleground for two railroads and Paladin intends to settle it one way or another, whoever hires him.

John Mitchum, James Craig, Robert H. Harris, Harry Bartell, Kam Tong, Joan Marshall, Bill Erwin, Duane Grey, Rick Vallin, Alexander Lockwood

TheTeacher S1, Ep27 15 Mar. 1958
Questions of revising the Civil War put a schoolteacher in gunsights until Paladin decides to make a stand, urging those who may find the truth she teaches painful to do the same.

Marian Seldes, Peter Breck, Andrew Duggan, Jack Albertson, Don Kelly, Jimmy Baird, Lana Wood, Carl Bensen, Jack Hogan, Boyd 'Red' Morgan, Rocky Shahan

Killer'sWidow S1, Ep28 22 Mar. 1958
When Paladin is accused of taking stolen money, he searches for a way to use the situation to better a woman whom he has widowed.

Barbara Baxley, Roy Barcroft, R.G. Armstrong, Fay Roope, Kam Tong, Ben Morris, Perry Ivins, Nora Bush, Mathew McCue, Jimmy Noel, Cap Somers

GunShy S1, Ep29 29 Mar. 1958
In order to collect the gift of a precious jade chess set, Paladin must first intercept the men who stole it from Hey Boy's family.

Jeanette Nolan, Dan Blocker, Lisa Gaye, Corey Allen, Stephen Wootton, Kam Tong, Beal Wong, Zon Murray, Robert Busch, Hank Patterson, Martin Balk

ThePrizeFightStory S1, Ep30 5 Apr. 1958
To help an old friend, Paladin takes a job guaranteeing a fight against a formidable British boxer when the local Sheriff demands a cut of the action. Keeping the terms of his contract, however, may prove a bit... personal in nature.

Don Megowan, George E. Stone, Gage Clarke, King Calder, Hal Baylor, Ben Wright, Carl Saxe, Boyd 'Red' Morgan, Jack Perry, Don Ames, Rudy Bowman, John George, Chester Hayes, Jimmy Noel, Buddy Roosevelt, Cap Somers

HeyBoy'sRevenge S1, Ep31 12 Apr. 1958
Paladin learns all too well how arduous easy living can be without Hey Boy's able help and, to regain his friend, must help him in a fight of honor and retribution.

Kam Tong, Pernell Roberts, David Leland, Bruce Cowling, Philip Ahn, Lisa Lu, Harold Fong, Olan Soule, Dennis Cross, John Barton, Spencer Chan, John George, Kit Guard, Paul King, Owen Song, Walter Soo Hoo

TheFiveBooksOfOwenDeaver S1, Ep32 26 Apr. 1958
When Philadelphia's penal code is precariously instituted in a frontier town, Paladin decides he owes a favor to an old friend's son.

James Olson, Lurene Tuttle, Walter Barnes, Alan Carney, Kam Tong, Paul Lukather, Ross Evans, Tyler McVey, Jimmy Noel, Buddy Roosevelt

TheSilverQueen S1, Ep33 3 May 1958
When a beautiful lady receives a half-ownership in a silver mine in a rather suspicious-looking will, Paladin sticks his neck out for the sake of a dead man's true wishes.

Lita Milan, Earle Hodgins, Whit Bissell, Martin Balk, Ralph Moody, Kam Tong, Robert Gibbons, Mason Curry, Tom London, George DeNormand, Sam Harris, Dick Johnstone, Cactus Mack, John Powers

ThreeSons S1, Ep34 10 May 1958
Paladin lends his room to a pair of newlyweds and--when the bride receives a wedding gift of her cat, mutilated--intervenes in a vicious family feud that hinges on the patriarch's sanity.

Warren Oates, Jon Lormer, Parker Fennelly, Paul Jasmin, Kevin Hagen, Jacqueline Mayo, S. John Launer, Olan Soule, Fred Dale, Heinie Conklin, Bill Coontz, Bob Folkerson, Mathew McCue, George Sowards

TheReturnOfDrThackeray S1, Ep35 17 May 1958
Paladin again assists his friend Phyllis Thackeray, M.D., when impatience and panic threaten to generate a smallpox epidemic.

June Lockhart, Grant Withers, Charles Aidman, John Anderson, Johnny Western, Cy Malis, Sam Gilman, Fred McDougall

Johnny Western Born: 10/28/34 Two Harbors MN Stand By Me
Twenty-FourHoursAtNorthFork S1, Ep36 24 May 1958
When Paladin finds a quick exit from San Francisco convenient he stumbles into some dangerous prejudice against a family of pacifistic Mennonites.

Brad Dexter, Dyan Cannon, Morris Ankrum, Jacqueline Scott, Harry Shannon, Adeline De Walt Reynolds, Karl Swenson, Michael Hinn, Wayne Heffley, Dennis Cross, Sam Gilman, Hank Patterson, Chick Hannan, Sam Harris, Jimmy Noel

SilverConvoy S1, Ep37 31 May 1958
Paladin ventures into Mexico on the trail of a man who, it turns out, has already been arrested and is dead. Another job presents itself, however, in the form of a shipment of silver dug from the ground by prison labor.

BarBara Luna, Nico Minardos, George Keymas, Mario Alcalde, Donald Randolph, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., Abel Fernandez

DeliverTheBody S1, Ep38 7 Jun. 1958
Paladin applies the U.S. Constitution to criminal law in the West when he fights for Habeas Corpus, the right to counsel in defense, and jury trial by peers for a man accused of killing twice with an outmoded cap-and-ball pistol.

R.G. Armstrong, James Franciscus, Madlyn Rhue, Robert Gist, Len Lesser, Kam Tong, James Murdock, Leonard P. Geer

TheStatueOfSanSebastian S1, Ep39 14 Jun. 1958
Paladin agrees to track-down a sympathetic highwayman in exchange for the return of a a piece of symbolic statuary currently being held hostage.

John Carradine, Simon Oakland, Judson Pratt, Bart Braverman, Fred Graham, Than Wyenn, Fred McDougall

Season 2

TheManhunter S2, Ep1 13 Sep. 1958
While hunting down the cold blooded killer Jimmy Dawes, Paladin is forced to kill him. When Paladin returns the body, he must face the sheriff and Dawes' angry brothers.

Martin Balsam, Joseph Calleia, David Whorf, Stephen Coit, Hampton Fancher, Joseph V. Perry, Rusty Lane, Kam Tong, Leonard P. Geer, Murray Pollack, Dan Sheridan

InAnEvilTime S2, Ep2 20 Sep. 1958
Paladin's quarry is an elderly criminal called Pappy French who insists that every man has a price. Unfortunately, Pappy is also being hunted by more malicious hounds--his own gang.

William Stevens, Hank Patterson, Charles Horvath

TheManWhoWouldn'tTalk S2, Ep3 27 Sep. 1958
An awkward rancher hires Paladin to train him in romance even as war looms with a neighboring (female) landowner.

Charles Bronson, Celia Lovsky, Dyan Cannon, Marcia Drake, Grace Raynor, Harry Carey Jr., Edmund Johnston, Junius Matthews, Robert Tetrick, Oliver Cross, George Ford, Marilyn Gladstone, Sam Harris, Fred McDougall

TheHangingOfRoyCarter S2, Ep4 4 Oct. 1958
Paladin doubts his unlikely task of delaying a state execution until new evidence can be presented can be accomplished without assistance that is not being offered.

John Larch, Robert Armstrong, Scott Marlowe, Paul Birch, Francis McDonald, Barry Russo, Michael Hinn, K.L. Smith, Edward Faulkner, Rusty Wescoatt, Tex Holden, Whitey Hughes, Ray Jones, Cactus Mack, Rod McGaughy

Written by Gene Roddenberry
DuelAtFlorence S2, Ep5 11 Oct. 1958
Florence township's barber and self-taught physician refuses to kill for the hand of his fiancée, but her other two suitors have no such qualms.

Dean Harens, Bonnie Bolding, Charles H. Gray, John Alderson, Kam Tong, Hank Patterson, John George, Mathew McCue, Fred McDougall, Jack Tornek

TheProtégé S2, Ep6 18 Oct. 1958
The training Paladin gives a put-upon young man in the art of gunmanship seems to take quite well--all but the most important lesson of all.

Peter Breck, George Mitchell, Mel Welles, William Meigs, Ken Mayer, Cy Malis, Charles Tannen, Olan Soule, Ray Jones

TheRoadToWickenburg S2, Ep7 25 Oct. 1958
Paladin flees a corrupt town, run by the violent Goodfellows, with a saloon girl whose penchant for literary quotation may match his own.

Harry Carey Jr., Christine White, Don 'Red' Barry, Rayford Barnes, Michael Forest, Edward Faulkner, Mickey Finn, Buddy Roosevelt

Written by Gene Roddenberry
ASenseOfJustice S2, Ep8 1 Nov. 1958
Paladin seeks to thwart mob "justice" against a simple young man accused of killing a local womanizer.

Karl Swenson, Virginia Gregg, Barrie Chase, Bing Russell, Barry Cahill, James Parnell, Barry Brooks, Kam Tong, Cactus Mack, Fred McDougall

YoungGun S2, Ep9 8 Nov. 1958
During a bitterly bizarre dispute over an arid region's water supply, Paladin faces a reluctant but deadly gun in the son of resigned shootist.

Abby Dalton, Robert F. Simon, Dick Foran, Paul Carr, Meg Wyllie, Rick Miller, Gene Roth, Kam Tong, Ray Jones, Robert Robinson

TheLady S2, Ep10 15 Nov. 1958
Comanche violence gravely escalates around Paladin as he guides the Honourable Diane Coulter to her brother's Arizona ranch.

Patricia Medina, Robert Karnes, George Richardson, Earl Parker, Kam Tong

ASnareForMurder S2, Ep11 22 Nov. 1958
Paladin becomes entangled with two paranoid miners and a missing Sharps Buffalo rifle.

Harry Morgan, Harry Bartell, Ron Hagerthy, Natalie Norwick, Joel Ashley

TheBalladOfOscarWilde S2, Ep12 6 Dec. 1958
When the noted British humorist plans an appearance in San Francisco, Paladin must extricate Oscar Wilde from the unpleasant predicament of being held for ransom.

John O'Malley, Richard Shannon, Jack Hogan, Roy Engel, Dan Sheridan, Bob Hoy, David Lewis, Chet Stratton, Felix Locher, Kam Tong, William Meader

TheSolidGoldPatrol S2, Ep13 13 Dec. 1958
Paladin informs a Corporal Callahan, pinned down by the Apache, that his lottery ticket is worth over half a million dollars.

Sean McClory, Mike Kellin, Perry Cook, Jim Kline, Robert Cabal, Don Keefer, Eddie Little Sky, Michael Hagan, Kam Tong, Jeffrey Sayre

SomethingToLiveFor S2, Ep14 20 Dec. 1958
Paladin crabbily takes a rich and essentially suicidal alcoholic into his protection while trekking the north country.

John Anderson, Rayford Barnes, Nancy Hadley, Malcolm Atterbury, Tom Brown, Don Megowan

TheMoor'sRevenge S2, Ep15 27 Dec. 1958
Shakespeare is brought, against Paladin's advice, to the hamlet of San Diego.

Vincent Price, Morey Amsterdam, Patricia Morison, Richard Shannon, Joseph V. Perry, John Breen, Gene Coogan, Dee Cooper, George DeNormand, John George, Tex Holden, Walter Lawrence, Waclaw Rekwart, Ted Smile, Jack Tornek

TheWager S2, Ep16 3 Jan. 1959
A wealthy patron's request for Paladin's guardianship may end differently than expected with gambling involved--gambling with the highest of stakes.

Denver Pyle, Jacqueline Scott, Ken Lynch, Steve Gravers, Bill Erwin, Bob Hopkins, Kam Tong

TheTaffetaMayor S2, Ep17 10 Jan. 1959
When a mayoral candidate is killed in an explosion, Paladin sees fit to remind the widow that her great state of Wyoming is the first to grant women suffrage.

Edward Platt, Norma Crane, Robert Karnes, Bobby Hall, Jeanne Bates, Tom Steele, William Shaw, Paul Hahn, Kam Tong, Emile Avery, Robert Robinson

LadyOnTheStagecoach S2, Ep18 17 Jan. 1959
Paladin shares a stage with an enthralling Apache princess and a large shipment of gold.

John Doucette, Vitina Marcus, Raymond Bailey, Fay Baker, Ward Wood, Mark Dana, John Close, Warren Parker, Hal Needham, Craig Duncan, Tex Terry

TreasureTrail S2, Ep19 24 Jan. 1959
Paladin reluctantly serves proxy for one of four ex-cavalrymen in their suspicious search for a hidden treasure.

Harry Dean Stanton, Bruce Gordon, Peter Adams, Willard Sage, Kam Tong

Juliet S2, Ep20 31 Jan. 1959
Paladin is just passing through when he walks into a blood feud that threatens to destroy a teenage girl just returning to the area.

Allen Case, Miranda Jones, Earle Hodgins, John Beradino, Ronald Green, Buff Brady, Tex Terry, Kam Tong

Written by Gene Roddenberry
HuntTheManDown S2, Ep21 7 Feb. 1959
Neither side has a clean path to victory in the case of two brothers at each other's throats over a woman, a whip, and a wire fence.

Robert Wilke, James Drury, Madlyn Rhue, Ric Roman, Ralph Reed, Mark Tapscott, Ian MacDonald, Robin Riley, Chantal Noel, Kam Tong

TheScorchedFeather S2, Ep22 14 Feb. 1959
Monsieur Robert Ceilbleu hires Paladin to protect former scout Billy Blue Sky from a young but dreaded Comanche war chief whose true identity is decidedly open to speculation.

Lon Chaney Jr., Mario Alcalde, Cy Malis, Mike Steele, Kam Tong, Tony Regan

TheReturnOfTheLady S2, Ep23 21 Feb. 1959
The Honourable Diana Coulter writes Paladin to ask that he give her away at the upcoming wedding to a proud Confederate general.

Patricia Medina, Gene Nelson, Theodore Marcuse, Pilar Del Rey, Kam Tong, Herman Hack

TheMonsterOfMoonRidge S2, Ep24 28 Feb. 1959
The story of a creature half bear, half human wandering the Moon Ridge Mountains catches Paladin's eye.

Barney Phillips, Natalie Norwick, Shirley O'Hara, Walter Coy, Ralph Moody, Robert Fortier, W.T. Chang, Kam Tong

Written by Gene Roddenberry
TheLongHunt S2, Ep25 7 Mar. 1959
Paladin tracks a fugitive in the Montes de Sangres range of New Mexico, but may find his own sympathies with neither his employer nor his prey.

Anthony Caruso, Stephen Roberts, Anne Barton, Lane Bradford, Kam Tong

DeathOfAGunfighter S2, Ep26 14 Mar. 1959
When his distaste for a potential employer permits a murder to take place on the street in front of him, Paladin ignores an amnesty order to hunt the killer.

Suzanne Pleshette, Christopher Dark, Russell Arms, Tom Greenway, I. Stanford Jolley, Joe Bassett, Larkin Ford, Stewart East, Kam Tong

IncidentAtBorrascaBend S2, Ep27 21 Mar. 1959
A surrealistic mining camp takes Paladin prisoner as a murder suspect. Paladin's just passing through, making him a perfect patsy for the drunken all-male residents' rough frontier justice dished out by self-appointed Judge Wesson whose IQ seems to equal the rest of the citizens combined. The bearded Paladin must uncover the wily, real killer before the Borrascans go on a bender and string Paladin up for fun.

Jacques Aubuchon, Perry Cook, Ben Wright, Edward Faulkner, Ted Markland, Stewart East

MaggieO'Bannion S2, Ep28 4 Apr. 1959
Paladin's bushwhacked by an arrogant ranch foreman, so he signs on as a cook in the ranch owner's house, to serve revenge up warm. The fact that the widowed owner's a gorgeous dish figures in Paladin's recipe, plus the BBW servant, Cookie warms up to Paladin quickly.

Marion Marshall, Peggy Rea, Don Haggerty, Mickey Simpson, George Cisar, John Close, Paul Sorensen

Written by Gene Roddenberry
TheChase S2, Ep29 11 Apr. 1959
Pallid bank clerk flees when accused of killing a deputy while robbing the bank. His wife is so sure of his innocence, she hires Paladin to bring him in before a rabid posse does. The posse doesn't seem to care if the young man is guilty or not - they're intoxicated by the scent of blood.

Paul Birch, Paul Richards, Wright King, Lee Farr, Adam Williams, Olive Sturgess, Kam Tong

Alaska S2, Ep30 18 Apr. 1959
Paladin receives an urgent letter from a man he plays chess with through the mail. When he arrives he sees his friend being beaten by two men who dispute his claim and don't want to share this newly acquired wilderness with anyone. A fixed dog sled race helps a local official decide who should share in these spoils after all.

Allen Case, Karl Swenson, Richard Shannon, Elizabeth York, Fay Roope, Kam Tong

TheManWhoLost S2, Ep31 25 Apr. 1959
Paladin is hired by Joe Gage to bring in Ben Coey for the murder of Mrs. Bryson's husband -- $500 Dead or $1000 Alive. Everyone tells him to just collect the $500. But Ben says he didn't do it and the only witness is Mrs. Bryson who he says he never met.

Jack Elam, Mort Mills, Rodolfo Acosta, Ed Nelson, Pat Silver, Jovon Monteid, Marilyn Hanold, Kam Tong

ReturnOfRoyCarter S2, Ep32 2 May 1959
Paladin is summoned by a man who he and a prison chaplain saved from hanging. The man (Roy Carter) has heard that the Chaplain has taken to the hills trying to help catch a prison escapee he feels responsible for.

Clu Gulager, Larry J. Blake, Brad Weston, Craig Duncan, Diana Crawford

Written by Gene Roddenberry
SonsOfAaronMurdock S2, Ep33 9 May 1959
Paladin is retained by Aaron Murdock, who has two sons. One, Lew, is a killer, known for enjoying inflicting pain. The other, 19-year-old Jaime, adores his older brother. Aaron Murdock wants Paladin to prevent Jaime from following the path Lew has taken.

Philip Coolidge, Lee Kinsolving, Wesley Lau, Elizabeth York, Frank Gorshin, Dale Cummings, William Shaw, William Mims, Kam Tong

Comanche S2, Ep34 16 May 1959
Paladin is hired to find a U.S. Army corporal, who is a deserter and the son of a general. Paladin must travel into Indian territory as he seeks the corporal. Along the way, Paladin encounters a soldier he knew from his own time in the Army. It turns out the corporal is part of the 7th Calvary, and is part of the command of George Custer.

Susan Cabot, Larry Pennell, Roy Barcroft, Robert Anderson, Shirley O'Hara, Stewart East, Hal Needham

Homecoming S2, Ep35 23 May 1959
Paladin is hired to escort a recently released, wrongfully convicted man back to the town of Hammond to make reparations. The man who hires him now is the same who hired him to arrest this man two years ago.

Ed Nelson, Don Megowan, Lewis Martin, Dick Rich, Thom Carney, Frank Gerstle, James Hyland, Larry J. Blake, Fran Frost, Kam Tong

TheFifthMan S2, Ep36 30 May 1959
A killer escapes from prison, steals back to his hometown, then hangs around methodically picking off his enemies. Four respected citizens fall quickly. A terrified local resident contracts Paladin to re-capture the ice-cold convict, but even with the fearsome Paladin entrenched the murderer still doesn't flee. Nor will anybody give Paladin a clue why.

John Emery, Leo Gordon, Walter Burke, Ward Wood, Ben Wright, Clarke Alexander, Kam Tong

Written By Gene L. Coon
HeritageOfAnger S2, Ep37 6 Jun. 1959
A young Mexican boy (Joe/Jose) is given up shortly after being born to an American family. Once the boy reached teen age the mother with the help of legendary Mexican bandit/gun hand is trying to get him back. Paladin gets the mother to agree to allow the boy to decide where he will live. Since the boy wants a better education to allow for his plans to be an engineer to come true, he chooses to stay with his parents. This leaves Paladin to deal to with the women's backer.

Carol Thurston, Ricky Vera, Peter Coe, Carol Hill, James Gavin, Roberto Contreras, Kam Tong

TheHauntedTrees S2, Ep38 13 Jun. 1959
Female lumber mill owner accuses her stepson of a sabotage campaign, and hires Paladin to stop it. After her husband died the widow disinherited the stepson. Motive, opportunity, yes, but Paladin's feelings about her become very mixed: sympathetic, aroused, and increasingly suspicious.

Doris Dowling, Roy Barcroft, Duane Grey, Jane Chang, Burt Metcalfe, Brad Trumbull, Kam Tong, Paul Cristo, Boyd 'Red' Morgan, Hal Needham, William H. O'Brien, Earl Parker, Ray Spiker

GoldAndBrimstone S2, Ep39 20 Jun. 1959
A feverish old man and his grown son find an abandoned mine dubbed "Lucifer's Pit." They're trying to fight off a gang, led by Dirks, that wants the mine for themselves, thinking it rich in gold. When things look their worst, the old man says he would sell their souls to the devil. Just then, Paladin appears in a puff of sulfur smoke as the smell of brimstone is in the air.

Eduardo Ciannelli, Phillip Pine, Alan Reed, William Vaughn, K.L. Smith, James Hyland, Arvid Nelson, Cap Somers

Season 3

First,CatchATiger S3, Ep1 12 Sep. 1959
Two of the three men responsible for hanging Jacob Mordain's son have been gunned down by Fred Horn. The third, heading to Wyoming to face him, is Paladin.

Pamela Lincoln, John Anderson, Don Megowan, Stacy Harris, Harry Bartell, King Calder, Kam Tong

EpisodeInLaredo S3, Ep2 19 Sep. 1959
Paladin befriends a famed gunfighter. He tries to avoid a showdown, but there is no other way out.

Gene Lyons, Norma Crane, J. Pat O'Malley, Alan Dexter, Johnny Eimen

Written by Gene Roddenberry
LesGirls S3, Ep3 26 Sep. 1959
Rancher J. Brodie contracts Paladin to deliver three mail order brides to his home in Oregon.

Mabel Albertson, Helene Stanley, Roxane Berard, Danielle De Metz, Lane Chandler, Dallas Mitchell, Hal Needham, Carol Henry, Bob Hopkins, Kam Tong

Written by Gene Roddenberry
ThePosse S3, Ep4 3 Oct. 1959
Paladin meets a man on the trail who confesses to two murders. The man then convinces a posse with hanging on its mind that Paladin is the killer.

Perry Cook, Denver Pyle, Harry Carey Jr., Ken Curtis, Paul Sorensen, William Wellman Jr., Hal Needham

Written by Gene Roddenberry
ShotByRequest S3, Ep5 10 Oct. 1959
Winston Ainslee, an aging and well educated gunfighter, employs Paladin to help him, gracefully and with honor, end his career. But the last person he killed has a brother seeking revenge; and he just arrived in town on the stage with Paladin.

John Abbott, Robert Gist, Sue Randall, Malcolm Atterbury, Sam Edwards, Gregg Dunn, C. Lindsay Workman, John Holland, Barbara English, Kam Tong, John George, Whitey Hughes, Robert Robinson, Phil Schumacher

Pancho S3, Ep6 24 Oct. 1959
Don Luis has hired Paladin to escort his daughter away from her home and a peasant boy who has grown up and has eyes for her. The boy has thoughts of revenge for the mistreatment at her father's hand and tries to do exactly that; unless Paladin can intervene.

Rafael Campos, Lisa Montell, Edward Colmans, Rico Alaniz

Fragile S3, Ep7 31 Oct. 1959
Paladin is hired by first class chef Etienne (Werner Klemperer) to transport a large piece of plate glass from San Francisco into mining country for his restaurant window. Promised a first-class meal and $1000 for accomplishing this task successfully, Paladin agrees. Along the way there are various difficulties which include Indians, an envious rancher and a drunk who loves the sound of breaking glass.

Werner Klemperer, Jacqueline Scott, Alan Caillou, William Boyett, Gregg Palmer, George Douglas, Douglas Bank, Kam Tong

Unforgiven S3, Ep8 7 Nov. 1959
A disgraced General summons Paladin to his deathbed to deliver a message to a personal enemy. Gen. Crommer tried to court-martial Paladin in the Civil War, so Paladin's a very reluctant messenger. Paladin returned the favor then and takes the assignment now, while back at the wealthy Crommer's mansion, his heirs celebrate the miser's impending demise.

David White, Hank Patterson, Hampton Fancher, Joel Ashley, John O'Malley, Bob Hopkins, Gordon Polk, Janet Lake, C. Lindsay Workman, Joseph Breen, Stewart East, Kam Tong, Herman Hack, William H. O'Brien

TheBlackHandkerchief S3, Ep9 14 Nov. 1959
Paladin is hired to help Michelle's brother Pete be freed on charges he has confessed to. Finding those responsible is hampered as they are after him too.

Ed Nelson, Joseph V. Perry, Terence de Marney, Gordon Polk, Edward Faulkner, Mike Lane, Olan Soule, Svea Grunfeld, Kam Tong

TheGoldenToad S3, Ep10 21 Nov. 1959
Webster, a man with three daughters, thinks he's found gold. He's worried that feisty Doris, a woman with three sons, is going to take it away from him so he hires Paladin to protect his interests. Paladin does some research before leaving San Francisco and discovers a solution which breaks the impasse in more ways than one.

David White, Lorna Thayer, Kevin Hagen, William Wellman Jr., Stewart East, Paul Sorensen, Dorothy Dells, Jan Burrell, Eileen Wilk, Nancy Valentine, Kam Tong

Written by Gene Roddenberry
Tiger S3, Ep11 28 Nov. 1959
Paladin receives a bank draft for $1000 asking him to "come kill a tiger before it kills me." In his host's mind this tiger curse is warranted as he wounded a tiger while in India and it came back to a village only to slaughter 100 of its residents. Paladin then learns of a circus coming to town. Its main attraction - a tiger!

Parley Baer, Paul Clarke, Elsa Cárdenas, Clegg Hoyt, Terence de Marney, Mickey Finn, Max Slaten, Dennis Moore, Ralph Neff, Kam Tong, Jeanne Carmen

Written by Gene Roddenberry
ChampagneSafari S3, Ep12 5 Dec. 1959
Paladin is asked to join a Buffalo hunting party. He encounters a group fearful of Wogs (Indian, savages) after the death of one of the party, killed by an arrow from 100 yards away.

Valerie French, Patric Knowles, Lou Krugman, William Mims, Gilman Rankin, Carole Evern, Kam Tong, Nick Borgani

CharleyRedDog S3, Ep13 12 Dec. 1959
Summoned to a beleaguered Western village to drive off a desperado, Paladin meets a young Native American, who's taken a correspondence course in being a Marshal, and plans to install himself as lawman for the tiny town. Paladin is charmed by the sincerity and honesty of the seemingly naive Charley Red Dog, whose grandfather was shot for sport in the hamlet. Paladin figures they can work together, though Charley doesn't want any help, plus the town puts on an all-out blitz at high noon, to avoid a Red Dog for Marshal...

Scott Marlowe, Raymond Bailey, Cyril Delevanti, Hugh Lawrence, K.L. Smith, Kelton Garwood, William Bryant, Edmund Glover, Warren Parker, Fintan Meyler, John George, Ted Smile

Written by Gene Roddenberry
TheNakedGun S3, Ep14 19 Dec. 1959
Monk, a grubby and somewhat eccentric cattle thief, latches on to Paladin in the hopes that he will protect him against Rook, a nasty and vicious trail boss.

Ken Curtis, Robert Wilke, Lane Chandler, Dallas Mitchell, Hal Needham, Stewart East, Kam Tong

OneCameBack S3, Ep15 26 Dec. 1959
Ben Harvey hires Paladin to escort him to a town called Gila where he has a family store. Now that he is out of prison, he wants to get on with his life despite his past. The only thing stopping him is a town bent on hanging the rest of the Harvey clan.

Strother Martin, James Coburn, George Mathews, Tommy Cook, Bob Dorough, Tom McBride, Constance Cameron, Stewart East, Kam Tong, Lovyss Bradley, John George, Signe Hack, Cosmo Sardo

TheProphet S3, Ep16 2 Jan. 1960
A U.S. general is teaching Apaches European military tactics, so Paladin is hired by military intelligence to capture or kill the deserter. The general's Apache wife was raped by his own troops, so now General Nunez's combined forces with her tribe near Alamogordo to start a war against the U.S. Cavalry. Paladin served with the General in the Union Army, and is skeptical about the fierce, All Army ex-Indian fighter.

Shepperd Strudwick, Lorna Thayer, Barney Phillips, Florence Marly, Brad Weston, Eddie Little Sky, Kam Tong

TheDayOfTheBadMan S3, Ep17 9 Jan. 1960
C. Palmer sends for Paladin to clean up Cedar Wells - a place where folks lose at faro, lose their lives and the cattle she tries to sell there. With the help of Laredo Perkins, Paladin hatches an idea of how exactly he can earn his fee.

William Joyce, Sue Randall, Norman Shelly, Eleanor Audley, Harry Fleer, Don Kelly, Tony Haig, Kelly Thordsen, Barry Brooks, Ollie O'Toole, Hal Needham, Joe Norden, Pamela Raymond, Stewart East, Ross Sturlin, Jimmie Booth, Anne Howard, William Meader, Robert Robinson

ThePledge S3, Ep18 16 Jan. 1960
Ike Brennan's wife Maureen is being held hostage by Indians. He hires Paladin to escort him to where the Indians will exchange Maureen for food and blankets. Before Paladin can get Maureen back, he must contend with a nosy cavalry patrol and a dangerous secret which just might get everyone killed.

Robert Gist, Brad Weston, Charles H. Gray, Joseph Hamilton, Susan Davis, Cyril Delevanti

Jenny S3, Ep19 23 Jan. 1960
Paladin intercedes to delay a stalker until his prey Jenny has left San Francisco, but another man, who's eerily calm, KOs Paladin from behind. On horseback, Paladin catches up with her stagecoach, and forces the stalker off, but the silent partner quietly remains on-board, undetected. While all the men on the trip clear a landslide blocking the stagecoach's path, someone else entirely kidnaps Jenny! Again, Paladin saddles up to go after Jenny.

Trevor Bardette, Ellen Clark, Peter Leeds, Phil Chambers, Quintin Sondergaard, Ron Brogan, Bud Osborne, Olan Soule, Hal Needham, Kam Tong

ReturnToFortBenjamin S3, Ep20 30 Jan. 1960
An Indian chief asks Paladin for help. His son has been convicted of murder by the army and sentenced to be executed. The chief wants Paladin to help make sure that the boy will be buried according to tribal customs, which he doesn't believe the army will do. Paladin agrees and travels to the fort where the son is being held. However, the more he finds out about the case, the more he becomes convinced that the young man was actually framed for the murder for which he's to be executed.

Anthony Caruso, Charles Aidman, Robert Wilke, Herbert Patterson, Frank Sentry, White Horse, Stewart East, Hal Needham

TheNightTheTownDied S3, Ep21 6 Feb. 1960
Paladin is hired to protect Aaron Bell from the townspeople who all may want to kill the just released convict. He was sentenced for treason, protecting his fugitive brother Paul from the army. Who does he need to worry about? The townspeople or Aaron?

Barry Cahill, Mary Gregory, Robert Stevenson, Arthur Space, Vic Perrin, Barney Phillips, Sally Singer, Kam Tong

Directed by Richard Boone
TheLedge S3, Ep22 13 Feb. 1960
Paladin rides upon a group of men heading to Mercerville. When they see a stranger on the cliff side swept away by an avalanche, it's soon revealed why each of them has their reasons why they can't or won't see if he is still alive even though one is a doctor.

John Hoyt, Richard Shannon, Don Beddoe, Richard Rust

TheLadyOnTheWall S3, Ep23 20 Feb. 1960
Paladin is accused by Bonanza's citizenry of swiping the treasured painting behind the bar of the hamlet's last remaining saloon. The portrait of a vibrant and gorgeous former woman resident, sustains the spirits of elderly townsmen, remembering her and the area's halcyon Gold Rush days.

Lillian Bronson, Howard Petrie, Ralph Moody, Ralph Clanton, Hank Patterson, James Stone, Perry Ivins

TheMisguidedFather S3, Ep24 27 Feb. 1960
Paladin finds his friend Charlie Blackburn dead on his davenport. When he returns him to his hometown of Alimo for burial, he finds that neither he nor Charlie is very welcome.

Douglas Kennedy, Hampton Fancher, Harry Carey Jr., Lee Sands, Gregg Palmer, Harry Fleer, Eugene Borden, Kam Tong, Bert Stevens

TheHatchetMan S3, Ep25 5 Mar. 1960
Paladin is hired by the San Francisco Police to watch over its first Asian officer, who's had a bounty placed on his head by the tongs but has refused protection for fear of losing face.

Benson Fong, Lisa Lu, Philip Ahn, Nolan Leary, Kam Tong, Allen Jung, Fuji, Beal Wong, James B. Leong, William H. O'Brien, Cosmo Sardo

FightAtAdobeWells S3, Ep26 12 Mar. 1960
A wealthy financier, Commodore Guilder, hires Paladin to protect him from Quanah Parker, a half-Indian, half-white warrior. Arriving at Adobe Wells, Paladin discovers that Guilder did not tell him the full story.

Ken Lynch, Brad Weston, Miranda Jones, Gregg Palmer, Dorothy Dells, Sandy Kenyon, Kam Tong

Directed by Richard Boone
TheGladiators S3, Ep27 19 Mar. 1960
Vain old gasbag challenges a young fop to a duel, so Paladin is hired to go to New Orleans to stop it. Complicating Paladin's assignment are his attraction to the older combatant's luscious daughter, and that the younger man imports feared Texas gunslinger Sledge as his second.

James Coburn, Paul Cavanagh, Dolores Donlon, George N. Neise, Chet Stratton, Owen Cunningham, Kam Tong, Frank Baker, Stewart East, James Gonzalez, Stuart Hall, John Roy, Norman Stevans, Bert Stevens, Terry Terrill

LoveOfABadWoman S3, Ep28 26 Mar. 1960
Paladin drops his current seduction, to instead kill a husband and marry the rich widow. That's his cover for the assignment from husband Haskel, who reads a chilling message between the lines in his drop-dead wife's personals ad: she's had it with being a trophy. She wants Haskel's head over the mantle now. When Paladin arrives at the couple's ranch, there's a long line of willing applicants already.

Geraldine Brooks, Lawrence Dobkin, Edward Faulkner, Harry Landers, Franz Roehn, Lillian Adams, Bob Hopkins, Sherwood Keith, Edwin Mills, Mitchell Kowall, Kam Tong, James Gonzalez, Cosmo Sardo

AnInternationalAffair S3, Ep29 2 Apr. 1960
Princess Mapuana pays Paladin to keep safe a gift - a signet ring from her royal family to our president. But someone is killing off those involved.

Ziva Rodann, Henry Corden, Oscar Beregi Jr., Harold Innocent, David Janti, Fintan Meyler, Olan Soule, Kam Tong

LadyWithAGun S3, Ep30 9 Apr. 1960
A man is shot at by a woman because he killed her little brother during the Civil War. He has been running from her since then. Paladin offers to contact the police but when that is refused, he offers his card and services.

Paula Raymond, Jack Weston, Ron Soble, Moria Turner, Kam Tong, Tony Regan

NeverHelpTheDevil S3, Ep31 16 Apr. 1960
When Doggie's shooting arm is injured winning a gunfight, the impoverished citizens dig deep to rabidly bet on who will finish off their local menace (and when). Passerby Paladin wants nothing to do with it, but decides even the despicable gunslinger deserves some justice, so he agrees to get him out of town so he can stand trial.

Jack Lambert, Lewis Martin, Dick Rich, William Wellman Jr., Kelton Garwood, Jason Johnson, Emile Avery, John Barton, Jimmie Booth, Duke Fishman, Richard LaMarr, Cactus Mack

Ambush S3, Ep32 23 Apr. 1960
Several travelers are held by gunpoint at a ferry crossing, including Paladin and his prisoner. What fate awaits them soon appears in the form of a blind father seeking vengeance for his son's killer which he believes to be one of them.

George Macready, Dan Barton, Alan Dexter, Natalie Norwick, Hal Needham, Michael Ferris, Ed Nelson

Directed by Richard Boone
BlackSheep S3, Ep33 30 Apr. 1960
Paladin is hired to bring back from Mexico an heir to a sizable fortune. One catch -- the heir may have to spend several years in jail for crimes he committed. But is it jail Paladin is leading him to or something else?

Patrick Wayne, Stacy Harris, Suzanne Lloyd, June Vincent, Edward Faulkner, Henry Wills, Ross Sturlin

Directed by Richard Boone
FullCircle S3, Ep34 14 May 1960
Paladin receives word from someone out of his past that he needs help. Only issue -- this is not a friend but someone he trusted who ran out leaving him to face a vengeful brother's bullet.

Barbara Baxley, Adam Williams, Stewart Bradley, Raymond Hatton, Hal Needham, Howard Dayton, Bob Rose, Carole Kent, Kam Tong

TheTwins S3, Ep35 21 May 1960
Adam Marakian hires Paladin to find his twin brother Sam, someone he's always admired. The only person who can tell them apart is his wife, who seems helpful but only at first.

Brian G. Hutton, Jennifer Lea, Lane Chandler, Sonia Warren, Tony Regan, Kam Tong

TheCampaignOfBillyBanjo S3, Ep36 28 May 1960
Billy Banjo Jones is running for state senate, supported by his rich and domineering wife, Elise. But he hires Paladin to give protection to his opponent, Jansen, because he fears that Elise may do murder to ensure his successful election.

Jacques Aubuchon, Rita Lynn, Vic Perrin, Charles Davis, Hal Needham, Dorothy Dells, Chuck Roberson, Brad Weston, Stewart East, Kam Tong, Sheryl Deauville, Noble 'Kid' Chissell, Gene Coogan, Herman Hack, Ray Jones, Bob Reeves, Robert Robinson, Ted Smile, Chalky Williams

Directed by Richard Boone
Ransom S3, Ep37 4 Jun. 1960
Paladin searches for a man who once served the emperor of Mexico, but he's not the only one after him.

Denver Pyle, Valerie French, Robert H. Harris, Alexander Davion, Tom Palmer, Gene Roth, Allison Daniell, Kam Tong, Stewart East

Directed by Richard Boone
TheTrial S3, Ep38 11 Jun. 1960
Morgan Gibbs hires Paladin to bring his son in alive for the murder of his fiancee. He tries to but a bounty hunter is there first and shoots him in the back. Now Morgan wants Paladin to have a kangaroo style trial for his son's murder.

Robert F. Simon, Raymond Hatton, Bud Slater, James Bell, Hal Smith, William Hunt, Harry Antrim, Rick Silver, Barry Brooks, Thomas E. Jackson, Angela Stevens, Kam Tong, John Thye

TheSearch S3, Ep39 18 Jun. 1960
Lane Kilmer brings Paladin to the bedside of his dying mother, who wishes to hire Paladin to find her son Martin, lost for 20 years. Paladin decides to follow the lead of Mr. Edwards, another person engaged by Mrs. Kilmer to find Martin.

Charles Aidman, Wright King, Perry Cook, Peggy Rea, Ted Markland, Earle Hodgins, Lillian Bronson, Tex Lambert, Brad Weston, Pamela Raymond, Tony Regan, Ray Jones, Kermit Maynard, Robert Robinson, Ted Smile, Max Wagner

Directed by Richard Boone

Season 4

TheFatalist S4, Ep1 10 Sep. 1960
Rivka Shotness seeks the help of Paladin in the hopes he will protect her father who is about to testify against a local outlaw he saw kill a man. Usually witnesses don't make it to trial or suffer some other malady before they do.

Robert Blake, Martin Gabel, Roxane Berard, Regina Gleason, John Close, Lee Sands, Kam Tong, Emile Avery, Duke Fishman, Hal Needham

Love'sYoungDream S4, Ep2 17 Sep. 1960
Pelt scavenger Monk returns to plague Paladin when Monk inherits 50% of the Barbary Coast's swankest nightclub. Paladin has to Pygmalion the odoriferous Monk just to stay the disco's bouncers from repeatedly flinging buckskin-clad Monk into a nice, cleansing gutter. To hyena-like Monk, the club's peacock-feathered co-owner Augusta is even more attractive than a freshly killed gazelle. Can even Paladin the sophisticate spruce up Monk enough to keep him atop Nob Hill?

Ken Curtis, Lorna Thayer, Mike Mazurki, Kam Tong, George Barrows, Wayne Burson, Cosmo Sardo, Bobby Barber, Hal Needham, Gene Coogan, John George, Kenneth Gibson, Walter Lawrence, King Lockwood, William Meader, Anthony Redondo, Terry Terrill, Jack Tornek

AHeadOfHair S4, Ep3 24 Sep. 1960
A newspaper article reports that the Nez Perce Indians have kidnapped a white woman. Paladin rides to a nearby Army post hoping to get some help in finding her. His Sioux guide soon proves he has ulterior motives.

Ben Johnson, George Kennedy, Trevor Bardette, Donna Brooks, Chuck Hayward, Lisa Lu, Olan Soule, Ray Jones, Hal Needham

OutAtTheOldBallPark S4, Ep4 1 Oct. 1960
Paladin is summoned to ump when warring baseball clubs besiege Whiskey Slide. Almost everyone in the cattle town bets heavily on their local cowpokes versus a barnstorming pro 9, so gunshots outnumber home run shots. Paladin's resume includes serving under Gen. Abner Doubleday in the Civil War, and witnessing the first openly pro team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings play in 1869, so Mayor Whiteside, Sheriff Fix, and Chicago Bears manager Marcus Goodbaby ink the expensive free agent ump.

John Larch, J. Pat O'Malley, Jack Albertson, Jan Harrison, Sandy Kenyon, Perry Cook, Hal Needham, John Daheim, Ted Hamilton, Lisa Lu, Peggy Rea, Rex Andrews, Danny Borzage, John George, Jack Kenny, Troy Melton, Jack Perkins, Ted Smile, Tom Smith, Bert Stevens, Jack Tornek

Directed by Richard Boone
SaturdayNight S4, Ep5 8 Oct. 1960
Paladin is suspected of murder after taking the wrong road East in a gale, stranding him in a wild town under the gun of a corrupt sheriff. The lawman doesn't mind bar fights, as long as he can take advantage of the combatants, so weary, sodden Paladin is swept into jail with 4 surly locals: including a thief, a barnyard philosopher, and 2 romantic rivals.

Martin Balsam, Joanne Linville, Wesley Lau, Denny Miller, Terence de Marney, Rudy Solari, Raoul De Leon, John Breen, Duke Fishman, Jack Kenny, Ethan Laidlaw, Hal Needham, Carl Saxe, Tom Steele, Jack Tornek, Sid Troy

TheCalf S4, Ep6 15 Oct. 1960
A fence has two sides. On one is a landowner who won't give up anything he finds on his side. On the other is an old man and his adopted son, content to keep to themselves. Paladin decides to help keep the landowner on his side, no matter the cost.

Denver Pyle, Stewart East, Parker Fennelly, Don Grady, Carol Henry, Hal Needham

Directed by Richard Boone
TheTenderGun S4, Ep7 22 Oct. 1960
Paladin gets a letter from the sheriff of Arroyo asking him to come help remove a covey of gunslinging water moccasins. The sheriff's nephew referred him and says he is just the man. His reward will be pretty interesting too.

Jeanette Nolan, Lou Antonio, Tom Reese, Herbert Patterson, Don Keefer, Lisa Lu, Hal Needham

TheShootingOfJessieMay S4, Ep8 29 Oct. 1960
After reading an article in a local newspaper, Paladin rides to Wyoming to see Joe Ergo. Seems that Jessie May Turnbow is seeking revenge against the jury that convicted his father ten years earlier. What he's using is a handmade automatic shotgun that cuts a wide and bloody path.

Robert Blake, William Talman, Hari Rhodes, Rayford Barnes, John Milford, Barney Phillips, Lisa Lu

Directed by Richard Boone
ThePokerFiend S4, Ep9 12 Nov. 1960
Mrs. Neal will pay Paladin his biggest payday yet if he can return her husband before he loses all his money in a poker game he has been at for several months. Only two people and a sickness stand in his way.

Peter Falk, Warren Oates, Jack Weston, Brett Somers, Jim Boles, Leo Penn, Tony Haig, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Joe Walls, Eric Alden, Stewart East, Tony Regan

Crowbait S4, Ep10 19 Nov. 1960
Paladin is hired to find an old prospector who's looking for an Indian silver mine.

Russell Collins, Jacqueline Scott, Gordon Polk, Eddie Little Sky

TheMarshal'sBoy S4, Ep11 26 Nov. 1960
Marshal Lamport wires Paladin. His son, accused of killing Burt Gulley, is on the run. He needs his help making sure he is brought to trial instead of killed by Burt's father, a member of the posse.

Andrew Prine, Harry Carey Jr., Ken Lynch, Jason Johnson, Hal Smith, Carol Henry, Hal Needham, Kam Tong, Sandra Warner, Terry Terrill, Stewart East, Ethan Laidlaw

Directed by Richard Boone
FoggBound S4, Ep12 3 Dec. 1960
Paladin meets Phileas Fogg, world traveler on a tight schedule, along with Passepartout and Princess Aouda. He agrees to escort them to Reno for transit to New York City, not realizing Fogg has offended someone who is out for revenge.

Patric Knowles, Peter Whitney, Jon Silo, Arlene McQuade, Lisa Lu, Tony Regan

TheLegacy S4, Ep13 10 Dec. 1960
Paladin joins a posse determined to capture Sam Tarnitzer. When he finds and shoots him, Sam writes a deathbed will leaving his considerable holdings to him -- unless one of the posse should kill him first.

George Kennedy, Harry Carey Jr., Roy Barcroft, Harry Lauter, Chuck Roberson

ThePrisoner S4, Ep14 17 Dec. 1960
Paladin is approached about a justified killing he was involved in over a decade ago. A then 13 year old is now to be hanged for his alleged involvement with one brother who was killed by Paladin and two others that were hung. The town seems ready to mete out their version of justice unless Paladin and a Boston judge can bring their own.

Buzz Martin, Barry Kelley, George Mitchell, Liam Sullivan, Peter Brocco, John Breen, Forest Burns, Jaye Durkus, Bill Erwin, John George, Jack Lilley, Cactus Mack, William Meader, Narda Onyx, Tony Regan, Chick Sheridan, Hal Taggart, Sid Troy, Blackie Whiteford

ThePuppeteer S4, Ep15 24 Dec. 1960
On the trail, Paladin has to kill his fallen horse. He is soon picked up by a mountebank heading for Fort Pawnee. He soon learns that his benefactor has ulterior motives for coming here and reveals them during a puppet show.

Denver Pyle, Crahan Denton, Natalie Norwick, Edward Faulkner, Peter Boone

Directed by Richard Boone, Peter Boone is Richard's son
TheSanctuary S4, Ep16 31 Dec. 1960
Paladin is on his way to Monterey. He stops for the night at a mission and finds it surrounded by gunmen who want someone inside who has been granted sanctuary. Now Paladin must decide to continue on his journey or how he can help.

Albert Salmi, Leo Gordon, James Anderson, John Mauldin, Oscar Beregi Jr., Lisa Lu, Paul Bradley, Bess Flowers, Sam Harris, Ray Jones, Kermit Maynard, William Meader, Murray Pollack, Tony Regan

AQuietNightInTown-Part1 S4, Ep17 7 Jan. 1961
Paladin reads a newspaper article describing a brutal killing. After capturing the fugitive he goes to a small Texas town to catch a train north with his prisoner. Paladin has his hands full as the townspeople are out to liven up what would have been just another quiet night.

James Best, Robert Emhardt, Phyllis Love, Sydney Pollack, Robert Carricart, Kevin Hagen, Fredd Wayne, William Challee, Cece Whitney, Lisa Lu, Danny Borzage, Jack Kenny, Chick Sheridan

AQuietNightInTown-Part2 S4, Ep18 14 Jan. 1961
After one of the townspeople shoot and kill his prisoner, Paladin vows they will all pay. Is he seeking revenge for losing a prisoner or trying to take those that did it into custody for the justice they felt they had already handed out?

James Best, Robert Emhardt, Phyllis Love, Sydney Pollack, Robert Carricart, Kevin Hagen, Fredd Wayne, William Challee

ThePrincessAndTheGunfighter S4, Ep19 21 Jan. 1961
Paladin is hired to find and return a Princess who has run away. When he does he shows her how and why it would be best to return to her kingdom and responsibilities on her own.

Arlene Martel, Ben Wright, Shirley O'Hara, Hal Needham, Ross Sturlin, Frank Baker, Chuck Couch, Stewart East, Betty Endicott, George Ford, Kenneth Gibson, James Gonzalez, Murray Pollack, Paul Power, Bert Stevens

Directed by Richard Boone
ShadowOfAMan S4, Ep20 28 Jan. 1961
Paladin receives a desperate plea from an unidentified woman to meet in Patchwork Junction. With the note is his retainer - a diamond brooch with a purported appraised value of $2000 - that's made of paste! When he arrives he finds himself being drawn into some old prejudices between a cattle baron from the north and a cotton farmer from the south.

Kent Smith, Dianne Foster, Walter Burke, Mike Kellin, Robert Karnes, Lisa Lu, Sam Harris, Hal Needham

LongWayHome S4, Ep21 4 Feb. 1961
Paladin receives a reply to a telegram he sent regarding a wanted man with a $5000 bounty on his head. When he catches up to him, he finds a man whose slave past is what really may have made him an outlaw.

Ivan Dixon, John Milford, William Talman, Rayford Barnes, James Gonzalez, Lisa Lu, William Meader, Hal Needham, Tony Regan

TheTaxGatherer S4, Ep22 11 Feb. 1961
Paladin's services are sought to collect cattle taxes in a small Oregon town. It's difficult going as most of the citizens have never voted or paid taxes before. One hitch - most of the cattle has been rustled from someone else.

Roy Barcroft, Harry Carey Jr., Raymond Hatton, Lisa Lu, Hal Needham, John Hopkins, Stewart East, Bob Woodward, Olan Soule, Ray Jones

Directed by Richard Boone
TheFatalFlaw S4, Ep23 25 Feb. 1961
A snow blizzard strands Paladin, a marshal and his prisoner at a cabin. Horseless and wounded they must try to get the prisoner to jail before he can talk his way out of his shackles. But what puzzles Paladin is why the prisoner was caught in the first place when he could have easily avoided capture.

Royal Dano, Allyn Joslyn, Jena Engstrom, Miguel Angel Landa

Fandango S4, Ep24 4 Mar. 1961
Paladin reads of an old sheriff friend in Texas from a newspaper article of two escapees just convicted of murder they said they only meant as a fandango. The brother of the deceased is a known gunman and will kill these boys even if Paladin tries to get in the way.

Robert Gist, Andrew Prine, Karl Swenson, Jerry Summers, Rodolfo Acosta, Lisa Lu, Leonid Kinskey, LaRue Farlow

Directed by Richard Boone
TheLastJudgment S4, Ep25 11 Mar. 1961
Paladin rides into an Arkansas town where they are about to have a hanging. He finds a man, a doctor, whose crime is that he mended an outlaw's wounds and that outlaw then shot the deputy who was pursuing him. Standing in as the defendant's lawyer, Paladin decides to use a few methods of his own while he waits for the federal judge - prevarication, procrastination, and chicanery.

Harold J. Stone, Donald Randolph, Leo Gordon, James Anderson, Robert Stevenson, Tom Holland, Joseph Hamilton, Fred Aldrich, John Barton, Duke Fishman, Chuck Hamilton, Jack Kenny, Mathew McCue, Ted Smile, Ray Spiker

TheGoldBar S4, Ep26 18 Mar. 1961
Paladin is hired to retrieve a stolen gold bar taken from a bank before the state examiner comes Monday. When he catches up to the clerk who took it, complications ensue and Paladin instead helps him put the bar back.

John Fiedler, Jean Engstrom, Val Avery, Chet Stratton, Robert Stevenson, Hal K. Dawson, Frances Osborne, Virginia Steding, Lisa Lu, Rex Andrews, John Barton, Franklyn Farnum, Duke Fishman, John George, Herschel Graham, Murray Pollack, Tony Regan, Buddy Roosevelt, Cap Somers

Everyman S4, Ep27 25 Mar. 1961
In Temple City, Danceman prohibits guns, killing any gunmen he encounters. When Paladin visits his pal Cus Mincus, the beefy Danceman doesn't exempt the Man in Black, informing him that 'nobody owns life, we just rent it'. Fortune teller Madmoiselle Destin warns Paladin to leave.

Barry Kelley, David White, Suzi Carnell, June Vincent, Vic Perrin, Roy Engel, Loyal T. Lucas, Lawrence Dutchison, John Barton, Duke Fishman, Herman Hack, Jack Kenny, Hal Needham, Buddy Roosevelt, Jack Tornek

TheSiege S4, Ep28 1 Apr. 1961
The Water Bugs gang poison water unless settlers pay protection. One gang member lolls in the new jail the town is proud of, but unfortunately, the door hasn't been delivered yet. Paladin plans to earn the reward offered by local citizens. But does besieged Apache Junction want justice or vengeance ?

David J. Stewart, Perry Lopez, Robert Karnes, Mike Kellin, Russ Bender, Brad Weston, Hal Smith, Lisa Lu, Irma Sandrey, Mark Whalen, LaRue Farlow, Bess Flowers, Sam Harris, William Meader, Murray Pollack, Tony Regan, Jack Tornek

LongWeekend S4, Ep29 8 Apr. 1961
Paladin is hired to stop a silver miner, short of killing him, from getting drunk and tearing up the town. Paladin is willing to try, but it must be his way with no interference from the town.

Roy Barcroft, Ralph Moody, Paige Adams, Clegg Hoyt, Stephen Roberts, Ned Glass, Dallas Mitchell, William Vaughn, Laura Shelton, Frank Ellis, Mathew McCue, William Meader, Hans Moebus, Joe Phillips, Lee Sands, Ted Smile, Milan Smith, Rudy Sooter

ElPasoStage S4, Ep30 15 Apr. 1961
Responding to a newspaper item, Paladin takes the overland stage to Bracketville to see a man named DeWitt about his supposedly unruly son. For his fee, he is to kidnap the boy and take him to another town, where some friends will sit on him until he cools down. He discovers that DeWitt's son is the new attorney who rode with him on the stage into town. When the son is killed, Paladin must shoot it out with the marshal or be killed himself.

Buddy Ebsen, Karl Swenson, Jeremy Slate, Mary Munday, Hank Patterson, Wayne Tucker, Emile Avery, John Breen, Ethan Laidlaw, Hans Moebus, Buddy Roosevelt, Chick Sheridan, Ray Spiker, Jack Tornek

Written by Gene Roddenberry
DukeOfTexas S4, Ep31 22 Apr. 1961
Paladin is hired by an Austrian prince (wishing to remain anonymous), to escort him to the Mexican border. When he thinks better of taking the job and is beaten up, he changes his mind for no other reason than to protect the young prince.

Scott Marlowe, Eduard Franz, Robert Carricart, Albert Cavens, Lisa Lu, Roberto Contreras, Nick Borgani, Spencer Chan, George DeNormand, Franklyn Farnum, Cap Somers, Ray Spiker, Jack Tornek

BrokenImage S4, Ep32 29 Apr. 1961
Paladin responds to a note he receives that says a man who single-handedly captured the Stoner gang has refused to go after the Bradley gang after they shot up and robbed the Big Oak bank. Little does anyone know the true reasons that man won't do as expected may get Paladin killed.

Kenneth Tobey, June Vincent, Johnny Eimen, Hal Needham, Bob Woodward, Rick Silver, Ted Smile, Stewart East, Lisa Lu, Joan Dupuis, John Barton, Herschel Graham, Herman Hack, Michael Jeffers, Tom Kennedy, Jack Kenny, Ethan Laidlaw, William Meader, Tom Smith

Directed by Richard Boone
Brother'sKeeper S4, Ep33 6 May 1961
On his way from Santa Fe after collecting a $2500 reward, Paladin is attacked and nearly killed by a puma. Nearly unconscious, two men walk up and deciding that he won't make it, take his horse, guns and money and ride off. He staggers to the nearest town only to discover that the information he gathered about these men could apply to most of the town. Now how will get back his property.

Wright King, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Ed Nelson, Karl Swenson, Ben Wright, Otto Waldis, Allen Wood, Lisa Lu, Kenneth Gibson, Murray Pollack, Clark Ross, Bert Stevens

Bearbait S4, Ep34 13 May 1961
In taking a commission, Paladin travels to Deerfield. There he immediately falls afoul of a young, abusive ranch hand. After being put in his place, he recruits two coworkers to help him do likewise to Paladin.

Judi Meredith, Martin West, Stephen Roberts, Richard Rust, Ralph Reed, Frank Ferguson, Jack Tesler, Ollie O'Toole, James Maloney, Lisa Lu, Abdullah Abbas, LaRue Farlow, Jimmie Horan, Harry Mayo, William H. O'Brien, Joe Phillips, Clark Ross, Cap Somers, Ray Spiker, Norman Stevans, Jack Tornek

TheCure S4, Ep35 20 May 1961
Martha Jane Conroy aka Calamity Jane is at rock bottom. With the help of an old friend, Paladin, she tries to recoup some losses from her former business partner.

Norma Crane, Jerry Wayne, Jeanne Vaughn, Craig Duncan, Lisa Lu, Olan Soule, Duane Grey, Gil Perkins, Paul Ravel, Victor Romito, Clark Ross, Bob Whitney

TheRoad S4, Ep36 27 May 1961
Men scavenge for whatever they can along the trail that may or may not lead to gold. When Paladin finds himself on the same path, he has to be careful lest he fall prey to those same men. When his gun and all other goods are stolen, he makes an atlatl to defend himself, regain some his possessions, and save his life.

George Kennedy, Trevor Bardette, Gene Lyons, Perry Cook, Joel Crothers, Ben Wright, Hal Needham

TheUneasyGrave S4, Ep37 3 Jun. 1961
A friend asks Paladin to inspect his vineyards in Sonoma, to see what is happening to the taste of his wine. Outside Johnsonville, a woman is digging a grave. When he stops, she asks for his help to avenge the deceased.

Werner Klemperer, Pippa Scott, Lillian Bronson, Don Beddoe, Wolfe Barzell, Steve Warren, William Bryant, Robert Gibbons, Shirley O'Hara, Jack Kenny, Hal Needham, Max Wagner

SoledadCrossing S4, Ep38 10 Jun. 1961
Paladin responds to an ad offering a $2000 reward for the twins who killed two deputies and wounded four bystanders. He captures one; the other is already dead "of natural causes." But he has difficulty returning him when the town is quarantined due to possible diphtheria outbreak, and he as well as his prisoner may be infected.

Ken Curtis, Edward Faulkner, Natalie Norwick, Walker Edmiston, Chuck Roberson, Irma Sandrey, Lisa Lu

Season 5

TheVigil S5, Ep1 16 Sep. 1961
Paladin agrees to accompany a nurse to the gold fields; she aspires to replace its deceased physician. Along the way, they encounter two men who have just buried their companion.

George Kennedy, Mary Fickett, Dan Stafford, Kam Tong, George Ford, Herschel Graham, Hans Moebus, William H. O'Brien, Tony Regan, Terry Terrill

TheEducationOfSaraJane S5, Ep2 23 Sep. 1961
The Darrow and Tyler families have been feuding so long they don't remember who started it. It's up to Paladin to help them decide if the feud should continue.

Duane Eddy, Jena Engstrom, Peggy Rea, Kam Tong

Directed by Richard Boone
TheRevenger S5, Ep3 30 Sep. 1961
Paladin takes a $500 stagecoach ride with an embezzler, a convicted cutthroat, an adulteress and a murderer to collect the other half of that bill. He runs into a Mexican bandit bent on knowing who among them is responsible for the death of the wife of one of his men. Good thing his name is Solomon.

Anthony Caruso, Rayford Barnes, Harry Carey Jr., Janet Lake, Russell Arms, Shug Fisher, Tom Conway, Bud Osborne, Kam Tong, Bert Madrid, Hal Needham

OddsForBigRed S5, Ep4 7 Oct. 1961
A saloon owner is wounded when Paladin is involved in a shootout inside the establishment, but with the doctor out of town, odds are high that she will not survive the night.

Hope Holiday, Richard Ney, Robert Karnes, Virginia Capers, Perry Cook, Ollie O'Toole, Kam Tong, Danny Borzage, John George, Herschel Graham, Bill Hart, Michael Jeffers, Bert Madrid, Murray Pollack, Tony Regan, Hank Wise

AProofOfLove S5, Ep5 14 Oct. 1961
Paladin urges a momma's boy farmer to win back his wayward mail-order bride, by besting party-animal neighbor Rud Saxon in a dance contest. The meek farm-boy hired Paladin to teach him to outdraw the usurper, but Paladin convinces him that he can win her Greek heart with his feet.

Charles Bronson, George Kennedy, Shirley O'Hara, Kam Tong, Jack Marshall, Robert Cole, Chana Eden, Hal Needham

Directed by Richard Boone
TheGospelSinger S5, Ep6 21 Oct. 1961
Bugbear wants to change its image. When Paladin is hired, his idea of disarmament is working fine. Until a missionary rides to town with her own methods for doing the same thing.

Suzi Carnell, John McLiam, Ed Peck, Roy Engel, Brad Weston, Noah Keen, Kam Tong, Jaye Durkus, Herman Hack, Ethan Laidlaw, Bert Madrid, Hal Needham, William H. O'Brien, Fred Rapport

TheRace S5, Ep7 28 Oct. 1961
Paladin is offered $1000 to win a horse race called a mule kalanta. When he arrives he finds out what the bet is, and he decides to make a change.

Ben Johnson, Michael Pate, John Hopkins, Stewart East, Vana Leslie, Kam Tong

TheHangingOfAaronGibbs S5, Ep8 4 Nov. 1961
Paladin crosses paths with Sarah Gibbs on her way to see her husband's hanging for a crime he did commit. A proper burial is all she is seeking but she has a paper that says she can't even visit him. When one deputy wants to just drop the bodies in the mine, there is a tug of conscience between the relatives, Sarah and Paladin.

Roy Barcroft, Barry Cahill, Rupert Crosse, Stewart East, Edward Faulkner, Hal Needham, Odetta, Peggy Rea

Directed by Richard Boone
ThePiano S5, Ep9 11 Nov. 1961
The famous pianist, Franz Lister, has been hired to give a concert. However, his much beloved piano has been kidnapped. For $1000 Paladin must recover it or pay a $20,000 ransom instead.

Keith Andes, Antoinette Bower, Chuck Couch, Roy Engel, Gertrude Flynn, Arny Freeman, Erin Leigh, Richard Reeves, Kam Tong, Bert Madrid, Kermit Maynard

BenJalisco S5, Ep10 18 Nov. 1961
Ben Jalisco, a bounty hunter with 34 credited kills, has broken out of prison, the same one Paladin helped put him in. Paladin heads to Texas to Ben's wife who helped put him away six years ago and is feared to be the target of his wrath.

Charles Bronson, Coleen Gray, John Litel, Chuck Roberson, Rick Silver, Lane Chandler, Kam Tong, Frank Baker

TheBrothers S5, Ep11 25 Nov. 1961
Edna Raleigh hires Paladin to return Bram Holden for the murder of her husband. When Paladin crosses paths with a deranged prospector in the desert, he must deal with the notion he has his long lost brother who stole his wife.

Buddy Ebsen, Paul Hartman, Peggy Stewart, Edward Faulkner, Hal Needham, Stewart East, Kam Tong, Emile Avery, Rudy Bowman, Gene Coogan, Mathew McCue, Boyd 'Red' Morgan, Charles Morton, Murray Pollack, Tony Regan, Phil Schumacher, Cap Somers, Sid Troy, Sailor Vincent

ADropOfBlood S5, Ep12 2 Dec. 1961
Paladin is invited to be the best man at a wedding of the daughter of an old friend. When he arrives, he runs across some wedding crashers who feel they have a score to settle.

Richard Boone, Martin Gabel, Roxane Berard, Milton Selzer, Noah Keen, Regina Gleason, Boyd 'Red' Morgan, Ray Hoback, Kam Tong, Mike Kellin, Frank Baker, Stewart East, Bert Madrid, 'Snub' Pollard, Shimon Wincelberg

AKnightToRemember S5, Ep13 9 Dec. 1961
Paladin receives a telegram from the heirs to the Caloca fortune requesting he come and help retrieve their father before he is injured or worse, killed. What he hasn't been told is the son hopes he will kill him, one knight to another, as their father believes he is Don Quixote himself whose only wish is to achieve knighthood.

Hans Conried, Dolores Donlon, Robert Carricart, Richard Shannon, Lane Chandler, Dorothy Dells, Susan Brown, Kam Tong, Wright King

BlindCircle S5, Ep14 16 Dec. 1961
Two years ago the Cattleman's Association put a bounty of $500 on a rustler who was never caught. Now they don't want him pursued but a bounty hunter, who seems to only care about, doesn't know or maybe he doesn't care.

Hank Patterson, Ellen Atterbury, Bob Jellison, Susan Davis, Woody Chambliss, Gerald Gordon, Harrison Lewis, Stuart Holmes, Hal Taggart

TheKid S5, Ep15 23 Dec. 1961
Paladin is sent a $100 bill and told there are 9 more like it. When he arrives in the town, the sender is dead, and Paladin finds himself in a high-stakes poker game for a "silver strike" with the man who killed him.

Flip Mark, Jacques Aubuchon, Roy Engel, Eleanor Audley, Ollie O'Toole, Edmund Cobb, Kam Tong, Danny Borzage, Frank Ellis, Al Haskell, Bert Madrid, Jimmy Noel, 'Snub' Pollard, Robert Robinson, Ted Smile, Harry Wilson

Squatter'sRights S5, Ep16 30 Dec. 1961
Paladin wants to pay off a debt to a man whose brother feels he needs to remove some squatters from some land he owns. For $1,000 he will do just that. When the landowner goes too far, he changes his mind.

George Kennedy, Warren Stevens, Robert Stevenson, Natalie Norwick, Carlos Romero, Sandy Kenyon, Hal Needham, Warren Joslin

Directed by Richard Boone
Lazarus S5, Ep17 6 Jan. 1962
After local boozing champ Big Fontana cheats Paladin in a drink-off, sickly Boise Peabody convinced he'll die by morning, challenges the sneaky fast draw to a shootout. Paladin helped Boise hide from fellow miners who are so lonely for female company they want Boise to dress up like a woman. The dying Boise realizes he's been afraid all his life, so decides he'll go out like a lion.

Strother Martin, Dabbs Greer, Chris Alcaide, L.Q. Jones, Gaylord Cavallaro, Gerald Gordon, Chuck Couch, Tracy Olsen, LaRue Farlow, Kam Tong, Bill Borzage, Danny Borzage, Chet Brandenburg, Noble 'Kid' Chissell, Herman Hack, Lars Hensen, Jack Kenny, Ethan Laidlaw, Bert Madrid, Hans Moebus, Robert Robinson, Cosmo Sardo, Jack Tornek, Chalky Williams

JusticeInHell S5, Ep18 13 Jan. 1962
Paladin goes after a wagon-master who led the massacre of his own wagon train. Rusty Doggett hides out in a town entirely populated by wanted outlaws. Finding someone to betray Doggett in the Bide-a-Wee Saloon is no problem, but crossing the death-line with his prisoner is very tricky. How much justice can Paladin bargain for in Hell ?

William Schallert, Alan Carney, John Alderson, Carmen D'Antonio, Don Beddoe, Larry Breitman, Betsy Hale, Sam Bagley, John Bose, Herman Hack, Jack Kenny, Ethan Laidlaw, Mike Lally, Bert Madrid, William Meader, Daniel Nunez, Charles Perry, Jeffrey Sayre, Alex Sharp, Sid Troy

Directed by Richard Boone
TheMarkOfCain S5, Ep19 20 Jan. 1962
For $1,000, Dr. Avatar hires Paladin to help him prove a theory about habitual murderers. His subject is someone who would rather stay dead and the doctor is willing to accommodate him.

Philip Coolidge, Roy Barcroft, Iphigenie Castiglioni, Olive Carey, Rick Silver, Dale Ishimoto, Kam Tong, Herschel Graham, Cosmo Sardo

TheExiles S5, Ep20 27 Jan. 1962
General Ortega hires Paladin to recover $16 million in French bonds. Where they are and who has them is already known. The aristocrats who have them will not give them to one they consider a tyrant and Paladin must intervene if he hopes to save their lives.

Vivi Janiss, Jay Novello, Gerald Price, Richard Bermudez, Bud Osborne

TheHunt S5, Ep21 3 Feb. 1962
Paladin is lured to Oregon under the pretense of a widow in distress. The real reason is to engage him in a deadly hunt with a bored prince. The winner takes all; including a large purse and his own life.

John Mitchum, Joan Elan, Edward Faulkner, Leonid Kinskey, Hank Patterson, Kam Tong

DreamGirl S5, Ep22 10 Feb. 1962
Paladin rides upon Buddy Webster's mining camp, who needs a big favor. He has been prospecting for gold dust the last five years. He asks Paladin to help him get to Jackson City to find a girl he believes is waiting for him. With Paladin's help, this young miner quickly learns the ways of the world.

Peggy Ann Garner, Hal Needham, Fred Hakim, Joseph Dimmitt, Chuck Couch, Stewart East, John Barton, Jaye Durkus, Stuart Holmes, Sid Troy, Sailor Vincent

Directed by Richard Boone
One,Two,Three S5, Ep23 17 Feb. 1962
Sam Keel sends for Paladin regarding an urgent matter - he intends to collect winnings on a pyramid scheme for which he feels he already knows the winner. For his usual fee of $1,000, all he has to do is find him. But he has recently gone missing and all the people he questions wind up dead.

Jack Elam, Robert F. Simon, Lloyd Corrigan, William Woodson, Eve McVeagh, Barbara Pepper, Dorothy Dells, Dean Smith, Kam Tong, Jacqueline Wilson, George DeNormand, Bert Madrid, Harry Mayo, Hans Moebus, Cosmo Sardo, Sid Troy, James Van Horn, Harry Wilson, Bob Woodward

TheWaitingRoom S5, Ep24 24 Feb. 1962
After a 4 state murder/rape spree, the Wilder Brothers head back to Texas for trial, under Paladin's gun. The slimy pair assure Paladin they have plenty of relatives stationed along the way from Dakota Territory, who'll be delighted to pick off the man in black, because he kills for money, Wilders just kill for fun.

Harry Dean Stanton, James Griffith, L.Q. Jones, Jacqueline Ravell, Byron Foulger, Jester Hairston, George Cisar, Ingeborg Kjeldsen, Kam Tong, John Harmon, Hans Moebus

TheTrap S5, Ep25 3 Mar. 1962
A lawman for 23 years, Jim Buell has always done what he believed was right. Taking in Davy Walsh for shooting at his jail while drunk seemed just that. Paladin risks his life to make sure a reputation is not smeared and an innocent man is brought to justice.

Frank Sutton, Jeanette Nolan, Crahan Denton, Rayford Barnes, Kam Tong

Don'tShootThePianoPlayer S5, Ep26 10 Mar. 1962
With no help from local law enforcement, a writer hires Paladin to find her fiancé; in the roughest gutter on the Barbary coast. When they find him, the bet to win him back may be more than the writer can afford to lose or win.

George Kennedy, Fintan Meyler, James T. Callahan, Virginia Gregg, Mike Mazurki, Danny Borzage, Bud Cokes, Duke Fishman, Ethan Laidlaw, Bert Madrid, William Meader, Mike Morelli, Sailor Vincent

Alice S5, Ep27 17 Mar. 1962
A daughter hires Paladin to help her look for an old friend of his - her mother. She wants to know more about her past and especially her nickname but he won't discuss it until they arrive in Codyville, Arizona; where she was last seen.

Jena Engstrom, Richard Shannon, Perry Cook, William Stevens, Mary Gregory, Chuck Couch, Wayne Burson, Joe Yrigoyen, Katie Regan, Jeanette Nolan, Herschel Graham, Hans Moebus, Tony Regan

Written by Gene Roddenberry
ManWhoStruckMoonshine S5, Ep28 24 Mar. 1962
Paladin rides upon Moses Kadish who shoots him off his horse. When he awakens Moses asks him to help stop his drinking until his wife returns in a few days. Only thing is, the water pump doesn't put out water but whiskey.

William Conrad, Phyllis Avery

SilentDeath,SecretDeath S5, Ep29 31 Mar. 1962
Paladin is asked to look for a missing brother, no matter the cost. When he finds out he's been missing for seven years, he accepts this task even though it will take him into the hostile Indian territory of the Nez Perce.

Robert Emhardt, John Holland, Shug Fisher, Michael Pate, Regina Gleason, Russ Bender, Kam Tong

Hobson'sChoice S5, Ep30 7 Apr. 1962
Alfred Nobel, staying at the Carlton, enlists the aid of resident Paladin to recover a mixed up shipment of mineral oil with his more potent nitroglycerin. He has little time as his stable mixture has been made unstable and highly explosive - and time is running out.

Milton Selzer, Parley Baer, Ollie O'Toole, Titus Moede, Harrison Lewis, Jan Peters, Shawn Michaels, Frenchia Guizon, Kam Tong, Olan Soule, Duke Fishman

ComingOfTheTiger S5, Ep31 14 Apr. 1962
Paladin must can stop a Samurai Warrior and a Priest from Japan who are on a mission to "radicalize" Japanese Americans.

Fuji, James Hong, Marc Marno, Gerald Milton, Bob Okazaki, Beulah Quo, Teru Shimada, William Wellman Jr., Setsuko Yamaji

Darwin'sMan S5, Ep32 21 Apr. 1962
Tully Coombs wires Paladin. He wants his infamous father to give him 160 acres to start a family. The father only wants to give it all to the best man of his two sons - the way Darwin describes in his famous book.

Buzz Martin, Kent Smith, Bud Osborne, Robert Dornan, Kam Tong, Richard Rust, John George, Herschel Graham, Bert Madrid, Mathew McCue, Tony Regan, Cosmo Sardo, Lucian Tiger, Sid Troy

Invasion S5, Ep33 28 Apr. 1962
Gavin O'Shea, revered in his homeland, appeals to any Irishman listening to help by providing money for his cause. When two brothers help him out by breaking the law Paladin must think fast to prevent one of them from swinging from a rope.

Robert Gist, Lew Brown, Douglas Lambert, Roy Roberts, Robert Gibbons, Vicki Benet, Rudy Bowman, Noble 'Kid' Chissell, Michael Jeffers, Bert Madrid, Milan Smith, Sid Troy

CreamOfTheJest S5, Ep34 5 May 1962
Paladin travels to Santa Fe on a personal errand - to purchase one of the last authentic pieces of early Santa Clara pottery. On his return, he rides into a town that has a resident practical joker whose wife enlists/hires him to stop her husband from playing one too many jokes on a local gambler.

Stanley Adams, Catherine McLeod, Jeff Davis, Naomi Stevens, Shawn Michaels, Peter Brocco, Kam Tong, Raymond Bailey, 'Snub' Pollard, Jack Stoney, Sid Troy

Bandit S5, Ep35 12 May 1962
A girl bandit robs and kills a stagecoach driver for $50,000. When Paladin catches up to her he finds out she is no lady but with his help is willing to learn.

Natalie Norwick, Robert Adler, Jerry Gatlin, Hal Needham, Chuck Couch, Bob Woodward, Herschel Graham, Paul Power

Directed by Richard Boone
Pandora'sBox S5, Ep36 19 May 1962
Protecting the current administration from low gossip and sensationalism, Paladin is asked to discreetly bring the Secretary's son to justice for murder. Some old friends try to prevent this but soon learn where Billy's loyalties truly lie.

Martin West, Lorna Thayer, Ken Curtis, Lewis Martin, Mary Munday, Robert Stevenson, James Brothers, Kam Tong

JonahAndTheTrout S5, Ep37 26 May 1962
A gold shipment is thrown into Crystal Lake to thwart robbers. The lake is too deep to salvage it so Paladin tries to assist with the help of inventions by Da Vinci and Nobel. But times running out as the robbers have an eye on him and the owner just wants to keep everyone off his property so he can catch a fish.

John Mitchum, Bill Mumy, Hank Patterson, Ross Sturlin, Jerry Summers, Kam Tong

TheKnight S5, Ep38 2 Jun. 1962
Paladin is hired to find a killer. His usual fee is paid for instead with a ring. A ring that may tie his employer to his quarry with him in the middle.

Jay Novello, Jean Inness, Will Corry, Charles Kuenstle, Kam Tong, Nick Borgani, Herschel Graham, Bert Madrid, Murray Pollack, Clark Ross, Sid Troy

Season 6

Genesis S6, Ep1 15 Sep. 1962
Paladin is assaulted in his room at the Hotel Carlton. In a furious fight, he beats down his attacker, Roderick Jefferson. The young man, it turns out, had gambling debts he couldn't repay; the holder of his gambling IOUs wanted Jefferson to kill Paladin. This spurs Paladin to tell Jefferson of a similar occurrence -- involving himself 10 years earlier. As that story unfolds, we learn that Paladin (whose real name we're never told) owed $15,000 to Norge. Paladin's only way out was to go to a valley, entirely owned by Norge, to challenge the mysterious Smoke to a duel....

Richard Boone, William Conrad, James Mitchum, Parley Baer, Nestor Paiva, Ann Morrison, Ethan Laidlaw, William Meader, Tony Regan, John Rice

Paladin's origin - last seen at Grandma Oster's - until now
Taylor'sWoman S6, Ep2 22 Sep. 1962
A hen-pecked rancher, in San Francisco to marry his housekeeper, hires Paladin to help him get out doing so. For $1.000 he wants him to help break up the holy bonds of matrimony - before they can be forged. What he attempts to do is not quite what either of them had bargained for.

Kathie Browne, Harry Carey Jr., Tom Hennesy, Kam Tong, Olan Soule

Written by Gene Roddenberry, Directed by Richard Boone
TheFifthBullet S6, Ep3 29 Sep. 1962
After eight years, Paladin tries to repay a convict for the lie he was told when he arrested him. "I promise you a fair trial" is what he said. The old man who turned that into a lie still wants him dead even from the grave. So he sends five to avenge him - or was it only four?

Ben Johnson, Peter Boone, Dorothy Dells, Shug Fisher, Hal Needham

PlaceForAbelHix S6, Ep4 6 Oct. 1962
Hix sends for Paladin. When he arrives in town, he finds that Hix was killed in a gunfight even though he's the fastest man with gun who ever lived.

Robert Blake, Paul Tripp, Jean Engstrom, Kevin Hagen, Stewart East, Kam Tong, Bill Hart, Jerry Gatlin, Hal Needham, Tom Sweet, Linda Cordova, Ethan Laidlaw

BeauGeste S6, Ep5 13 Oct. 1962
A newspaper article and some money, sent to Paladin, tells of a Sheriff who is retiring. His reputation with a gun brings out those with a grudge or wanting to just make a name for themselves. Now he must find whoever sent it to him so he can help that sheriff before it is too late.

Paul Richards, Faith Domergue, Raymond Guth, Henry Beckman, John Hale, Brad Logan, Norman Pabst, John Barton, Nick Borgani, Michael Jeffers, Cap Somers

TheBirdOfTime S6, Ep6 20 Oct. 1962
Paladin rides upon a man named Stryker hanging from a tree. When he learns Paladin is after the same man but with a warrant, he says he has stronger reasons and hopes he won't get in his way. Later Paladin helps the man, now wounded and in his custody, get to what he remembers as a friendly place called Sky Blue.

George Mathews, John Hoyt, Francis De Sales, Dal Jenkins, Hal Needham

MemoriesOfMonica S6, Ep7 27 Oct. 1962
Repaying a debt, Paladin rides to Valley Heart. Sheriff Reagan awaits the return of a native son who has been jailed for the past six years. The sheriff's wife was once this native son's girlfriend, and he has vowed to see Reagan dead for taking her from him.

Judi Meredith, Bing Russell, Hal Needham, Garry Walberg, Larry Ward, Edward Faulkner, Chuck Couch, Jerry Gatlin

ThePredators S6, Ep8 3 Nov. 1962
Paladin is after a man suspected of killing a marshal. After finally capturing him in the desert he claims his innocence. But he finds he may have to enlist his aid as they are without a horse, almost out of water and a group of bandit marauders are nearby.

Richard Jaeckel, Elen Willard, James Griffith, Lester Maxwell

ShootoutAtHogtooth S6, Ep9 10 Nov. 1962
Hogtooth gets more ridicule than usual, when 3 gunmen take over the town, after cleaning it up. Each was hired in secret by a town council member, so the enforcers band together to suck Hogtooth dry. Hey Boy spots an article about the dilemma, and tells Mr. Paladin he's needed.

Patrick McVey, Steve Peck, Les Damon, Christopher King, Hal Baylor, Doodles Weaver, Ralph Barnard, Syl Lamont, Kam Tong, John Barton, Danny Borzage, Jack Kenny, Ethan Laidlaw, Bert Madrid, Harry Mayo, Murray Pollack, Tony Regan

AMiracleForStFrancis S6, Ep10 17 Nov. 1962
Paladin rides to the San Luis Rey church in search of a very old brandy. When he is asked by the Padre to retrieve a statue of worship, they strike a bargain where they both may get what they want.

Rafael Campos, Robert Stevenson, David Garner, Miriam Goldina, Tina Menard, Naomi Stevens, Victor Adamson, Nick Borgani, Larry Finley, Foster Hood, Bert Madrid, William Meader, Hal Needham, Sid Troy

MarshalOfSweetwater S6, Ep11 24 Nov. 1962
Paladin's old army scout buddy is now the town marshal with his own rules. He has become an overbearing tyrant. The new lady saloon owner challenges his authority and Paladin notices the marshal's one weakness- women.

Kathie Browne, David White, Gordon Jones, Paul Birch, Booth Colman, John Damler, John Matthews, Howard Hoffman, John Barton, Nick Borgani, John Breen, Russell Custer, Herman Hack, Ethan Laidlaw, Bert Madrid, Hans Moebus, William H. O'Brien, Paul Power, Fred Rapport, Cosmo Sardo, Norman Stevans

Written by Gene Roddenberry
ManInAnHourglass S6, Ep12 1 Dec. 1962
A doctor who once saved Paladin's life calls upon him to find and safely bring back the son of a one-time sweetheart.The young man has "taken to the hills" to track down his father's killer.Paladin locates the headstrong youth and his prey but finds the return trip will not be easy-the wanted man has four trailing confederates.

Edgar Buchanan, James Stacy, Morgan Woodward, Dan White, Jerry Gatlin, Alan Baxter

Penelope S6, Ep13 8 Dec. 1962
Paladin meets a drunken Col Lacey at the Carlton. He is there fearful of going home to his lovely wife after being away for some time seeking his fortune. Will she be as loving and faithful as he has been? Paladin decides to help him find out, regardless of the consequences.

Joanna Barnes, Lawrence Dobkin, James Brown, Jester Hairston, Jack Donner, Ivan Bonar, Kam Tong, Nick Borgani, Stewart East, James Gonzalez, Herschel Graham, Ethan Laidlaw, Forbes Murray, Paul Ravel, Tony Regan, Victor Romito, Cosmo Sardo, Bert Stevens, Hal Taggart

TrialAtTablerock S6, Ep14 15 Dec. 1962
Adams, the prosecutor, wants to hire Paladin to rid the town of someone he says is getting away with murder. When this person is tried for a killing Paladin witnesses, he offers his services as defense when no one else wants the job.

Barry Kelley, William Mims, Gregg Palmer, Sherwood Price, John Damler, Joe Higgins, David Potter, John Barton, Nick Borgani, Herman Hack, Ethan Laidlaw, Bert Madrid, William Meader

Written by Gene Roddenberry
BeNotForgetfulOfStrangers S6, Ep15 22 Dec. 1962
Paladin rides into a Texas town at Christmas time and encounters a saloon full of merrymakers. Soon afterward a cowboy brings in a pregnant girl who may not survive the impending birth. The town doctor is down for his annual drunken stupor. Paladin tries to enlist help but the the patrons would rather party.

Duane Eddy, Josie Lloyd, Roy Barcroft, Patti Newby, Robert Stevenson, Edward Faulkner, Perry Cook, Charles Kuenstle, Hal Needham, Howard Lewis Shapiro, Danny Borzage, Herman Hack, Bill Hart, Jack Kenny, Ethan Laidlaw, Bert Madrid, Sid Troy

Directed by Richard Boone
TheTreasure S6, Ep16 29 Dec. 1962
Jess Harden, about to be released from prison for an $80K robbery he says he didn't commit, returns to the same town not knowing that it's a ghost town. He plans to meet his wife there. She wants Paladin there as well to ward off anyone who believes he does have the money after all.

DeForest Kelley, Lee Van Cleef, Jeanne Cooper, Jim Davis, Bob Woodward, Buck Taylor, Kam Tong, Stewart East, Herschel Graham, Stuart Holmes, William Meader, Clark Ross, Cosmo Sardo

Brotherhood S6, Ep17 5 Jan. 1963
Abe and Jim Redrock are both well educated. The only problem they always run into is they are also Indians. Abe stays true to his heritage, causing trouble for the elected sheriff of Latigo, his brother Jim.

Charles Bronson, Michael Keep, Myron Healey, Max Mellinger, Shug Fisher, Dawn Little Sky, Warren Joslin, Nick Borgani, Herman Hack, Ethan Laidlaw, Robert Robinson, Cosmo Sardo, Phil Schumacher, Kam Tong

BobWire S6, Ep18 12 Jan. 1963
Bob Wire hires Paladin, C.O.D., to escort him and his wagon load of barb wire to Anderson. What he doesn't say until they arrive is a range war is brewing and Paladin is now right in the middle of it.

Woodrow Parfrey, James Bell, Irish McCalla, Christopher King, Hal Baylor, Jon Silo, Peggy Rea, Bob Folkerson, Dick Johnstone, Ethan Laidlaw, Bert Madrid, Harry Mayo, Harry Wilson

Debutante S6, Ep19 19 Jan. 1963
Mrs Quincy longs to see her granddaughter who has been away since she was six. When her daughter and husband died in the mine fields, she was taken in. Now betrothed to be married, Paladin is hired to ensure she is this long lost relative.

Wayne Rogers, Robert Emhardt, Eleanor Audley, Gale Garnett, L.Q. Jones, Sandy Donigan, Kam Tong, Hans Moebus

UnforgivingMinute S6, Ep20 26 Jan. 1963
Fleeing banditos, Paladin seeks shelter from a peasant and his beautiful, scheming wife, their marriage at the breaking point. After being driven from their rural home, the husband hopes to appease his high-maintenance wife by returning to a city. However she eyes the urbane Paladin as the means to her own ends.

Patricia Medina, Al Ruscio

AmericanPrimitive S6, Ep21 2 Feb. 1963
Paladin is joined by his friend Ernie Backwater, an aging sheriff who is out to capture Will Tybee, a wanted fugitive who has spent his life searching for the man who murdered his son. Unfortunately, he's killed five innocent men while doing so, and is more than willing to kill Paladin and the sheriff if they get in his way.

Harry Morgan, Robert Wilke, Pitt Herbert, Peggy Rea, John Breen, Sam Harris, Bert Madrid, Harry Mayo, Joe Ploski, Norman Stevans, Sailor Vincent

TheBurningTree S6, Ep22 9 Feb. 1963
Paladin is escorting a unique prisoner to a trial and certain conviction. A man who has been married seven times and murdered all of them. Stopping for a night of rest, Paladin finds the man is wanted by the townsfolk as a "sacrifice" to appease the local Indians. A spinsterish young girl has other plans for the "charmer".

Elinor Donahue, Paul Fix, Whit Bissell, George Brenlin, Duane Grey, Joe Madrid, Kam Tong

CageAtMcNaab S6, Ep23 16 Feb. 1963
Paladin is asked by the wife of a man who is condemned to die to visit him in prison and see if new evidence can be found to clear her husband. Not sure if he wants the job, Paladin agrees to the visit and it leads to quite an unexpected result. Paladin literally finds he now walks in another man's footsteps.

Lon Chaney Jr., Jacqueline Scott, Christopher Dark, Ford Rainey, George Keymas, John Harmon, David Fresco, Joe Yrigoyen

Written by Gene Roddenberry
Caravan S6, Ep24 23 Feb. 1963
Paladin is hired to escort a Rani and her party across 150 miles of desert to a safe haven.The Rani is from a country fighting a civil war and she is to be the new leader if her side is victorious.On the journey it is noticed that they are being followed and treachery from within may be the cause of more worry.

Miriam Colon, Dolores Faith, Cliff Osmond, Carmen D'Antonio, Ross Sturlin, Hal Needham, Cosmo Sardo, Terry Terrill

TheWalkingYears S6, Ep25 2 Mar. 1963
A letter from a friend brings Paladin to a bar where he's drugged. He wakes up chained and in the company of a man with a similar story and a woman who's path they've both crossed before.

Elen Willard, Jacqueline Wilson, Hal Needham, Sandy Donigan, Garry Walberg, Fred Hakim, Stewart East, Nick Borgani, Chet Brandenburg, Paul King, Sailor Vincent, Max Wagner, Harry Wilson

Directed by Richard Boone
SweetLadyOfTheMoon S6, Ep26 9 Mar. 1963
Carl Soddenberg committed a heinous, murderous act. When a doctor feels he should be freed because he was mentally imbalanced at the time and now is cured, Paladin is hired to get him to an asylum and keep the family's survivors at bay who are out for revenge.

Harry Carey Jr., Crahan Denton, Richard Shannon, Dorothy Dells, Robert Stevenson, Kam Tong, Hal Needham, Joan Swift

Directed by Richard Boone
TheSavages S6, Ep27 16 Mar. 1963
An art collector hires Paladin to guide him, and his strangely childlike daughter, to the camp of a reclusive sculptor. But the collector does not tell Paladin his real reason for wanting to find the artist.

Patric Knowles, Judi Meredith, James Griffith

Written by Gene Roddenberry
TheEveOfStElmo S6, Ep28 23 Mar. 1963
When Paladin arrived, he thought it was a nice, quiet town. Indeed it was. A nice quiet town preparing to celebrate the eve of St. Elmo. But what will be the miracle they all await this night?

Warren Stevens, George Kennedy, Brett Somers, Chris Alcaide, Jerry Summers, Paul L. Smith, Herman Hack, Sam Harris, Eddie Hice, Bert Madrid, William Meader, Hans Moebus, William H. O'Brien, Paul Ravel

TheLadyOfTheFifthMoon S6, Ep29 30 Mar. 1963
Paladin agrees to help a Chinese woman flee back to her homeland, rather than take part in an arranged marriage. They are awaiting a ship that will arrive at an isolated spot outside of San Francisco. Paladin and the woman fall in love, complicating whether she will go back to China or not. At the same time, Paladin must protect her from assassins determined she not make it back to China.

William Schallert, Bethel Leslie

Directed by Richard Boone
TwoPlusOne S6, Ep30 6 Apr. 1963
Paladin is on his way to a very important appointment outside Los Angeles. He encounters and saves an Indian girl being run down by two men. Since then, he can't shake her because she says she is in his debt, until the two men return.

Susan Silo, Gail Kobe, Rex Holman, Kenneth Hudgins

TheBlackBull S6, Ep31 13 Apr. 1963
Paladin gets a letter from his past requesting him to come to Rancho San Tarquie. When he arrives he is not permitted to see the sender of the letter but the invitation may not have come from who he thought.

Faith Domergue, Carlos Romero, Nacho Galindo, Tita Marsell, Kam Tong, Eumenio Blanco, Bert Madrid, Hal Needham, John Quijada

FaceOfAShadow S6, Ep32 20 Apr. 1963
A bank hires Paladin to collect $10,000 from a rancher. When the rancher is found murdered, and the money missing, the rancher's associates accuse a band of gypsies of being responsible. Paladin rides into the gypsies' camp to find out the truth.

Lee Van Cleef, Harry Carey Jr., Enid Jaynes, Roy Barcroft, Rayford Barnes, Nestor Paiva, Richard Reed, William Woodson, Kam Tong, Laurindo Almeida

Cast List (includes uncredited)

Name (Alpha Sort)  Episodes - click an episode # for details, then use BACK button


S3E25 S5E31



Abdullah Abbas

S1E23 S4E34

John Abbott


Rodolfo Acosta

S1E09 S2E31 S4E24

Lillian Adams


Mary Adams


Paige Adams


Peter Adams


Stanley Adams


Victor Adamson


Jay Adler


Robert Adler


Philip Ahn

S1E31 S3E25

Charles Aidman

S1E24 S1E35 S3E20 S3E39

Claude Akins


Rico Alaniz


Jack Albertson

S1E08 S1E27 S4E04

Mabel Albertson


Chris Alcaide

S1E19 S1E21 S5E17 S6E28

Mario Alcalde

S1E37 S2E22

Eric Alden


John Alderson

S2E05 S5E18

Fred Aldrich


Clarke Alexander


Corey Allen


Jean Allison


Laurindo Almeida


Kenneth Alton


Don Ames


Morey Amsterdam


James Anderson

S4E16 S4E25

John Anderson

S1E35 S2E14 S3E01

Robert Anderson


Keith Andes


Rex Andrews

S4E04 S4E26

Morris Ankrum


Lou Antonio


Harry Antrim


Russell Arms

S2E26 S5E03

R.G. Armstrong

S1E28 S1E38

Robert Armstrong


Joel Ashley

S2E11 S3E08

Ellen Atterbury


Malcolm Atterbury

S2E14 S3E05

Barry Atwater


Jacques Aubuchon

S2E27 S3E36 S5E15

Eleanor Audley

S3E17 S5E15 S6E19

Emile Avery

S2E17 S3E31 S4E01 S4E30 S5E11

Phyllis Avery


Val Avery


Buddy Baer


Parley Baer

S3E11 S5E30 S6E01

Sam Bagley


Raymond Bailey

S2E18 S3E13 S5E34

Jimmy Baird


Fay Baker


Frank Baker

S3E27 S4E19 S5E10 S5E12

Martin Balk

S1E29 S1E33

Martin Balsam

S2E01 S4E05

Douglas Bank


Bobby Barber


Roy Barcroft

S1E05 S1E28 S2E34 S2E38 S4E13 S4E22 S4E29 S5E08 S5E19 S6E15 S6E32

Trevor Bardette

S3E19 S4E03 S4E36

Ralph Barnard


Joanna Barnes


Rayford Barnes

S2E07 S2E14 S4E08 S4E21 S5E03 S5E25 S6E32

Walter Barnes


George Barrows


Don 'Red' Barry


Harry Bartell

S1E26 S2E11 S3E01

Anne Barton


Dan Barton


John Barton

S1E31 S3E31 S4E25 S4E26 S4E27 S4E32 S5E22 S6E05 S6E09 S6E11 S6E14

Wolfe Barzell


Joe Bassett

S1E09 S2E26

Jeanne Bates


Barbara Baxley

S1E28 S3E34

Alan Baxter


Hal Baylor

S1E30 S6E09 S6E18

Brandon Beach

S1E07 S1E17

Henry Beckman


Don Beddoe

S1E15 S3E22 S4E37 S5E18

James Bell

S3E38 S6E18

Russ Bender

S1E24 S4E28 S5E29

Val Benedict


Vicki Benet


Carl Bensen


John Beradino


Roxane Berard

S3E03 S4E01 S5E12

Oscar Beregi Jr.

S3E29 S4E16

Richard Bermudez


James Best

S1E10 S4E17 S4E18

Robert Bice


Edward Binns


Paul Birch

S2E04 S2E29 S6E11

Whit Bissell

S1E12 S1E33 S6E22

Larry J. Blake

S2E32 S2E35

Robert Blake

S4E01 S4E08 S6E04

Eumenio Blanco


Dan Blocker


Bonnie Bolding


Jim Boles


Ivan Bonar


Peter Boone

S4E15 S6E03

Richard Boone

S5E12 S6E01

Jimmie Booth

S1E21 S3E17 S3E31

Eugene Borden


Nick Borgani

S1E16 S1E23 S3E12 S4E31 S5E38 S6E05 S6E10 S6E11 S6E13 S6E14 S6E17 S6E25

Bill Borzage


Danny Borzage

S4E04 S4E17 S5E04 S5E15 S5E17 S5E26 S6E09 S6E15

John Bose

S1E03 S5E18

Willis Bouchey


Antoinette Bower


Rudy Bowman

S1E30 S5E11 S5E33

William Boyett


Lane Bradford


Lovyss Bradley

S1E20 S3E15

Paul Bradley


Stewart Bradley


Buff Brady


Chet Brandenburg

S1E08 S5E17 S6E25

Henry Brandon


Bart Braverman


Peter Breck

S1E27 S2E06

John Breen

S2E15 S4E05 S4E14 S4E30 S6E11 S6E21

Joseph Breen


Larry Breitman


George Brenlin


Andy Brennan


Peter Brocco

S1E05 S1E13 S4E14 S5E34

Ron Brogan


Charles Bronson

S1E02 S2E03 S5E05 S5E10 S6E17

Lillian Bronson

S3E23 S3E39 S4E37

Barry Brooks

S2E08 S3E17 S3E38

Donna Brooks


Geraldine Brooks


James Brothers


James Brown


Lew Brown


Susan Brown


Tom Brown


Kathie Browne

S6E02 S6E11

William Bryant

S3E13 S4E37

Edgar Buchanan


Walter Burke

S2E36 S4E20

Forest Burns

S1E08 S4E14

Jan Burrell


Wayne Burson

S4E02 S5E27

Robert Busch


Nora Bush


Robert Cabal


Susan Cabot

S1E19 S2E34

Barry Cahill

S1E02 S1E06 S1E14 S2E08 S3E21 S5E08

Alan Caillou


King Calder

S1E30 S3E01

James T. Callahan


Joseph Calleia


Constance Cameron


Rafael Campos

S3E06 S6E10

Dyan Cannon

S1E36 S2E03

Virginia Capers


Olive Carey


Harry Carey Jr.

S2E03 S2E07 S3E04 S3E24 S4E11 S4E13 S4E22 S5E03 S6E02 S6E26 S6E32

Jeanne Carmen


Suzi Carnell

S4E27 S5E06

Alan Carney

S1E32 S5E18

Thom Carney


Paul Carr


John Carradine


Robert Carricart

S4E17 S4E18 S4E31 S5E13

Fred Carson

S1E05 S1E07 S1E25

Anthony Caruso

S1E04 S2E25 S3E20 S5E03

Allen Case

S2E20 S2E30

Iphigenie Castiglioni


Gaylord Cavallaro


Paul Cavanagh


Albert Cavens


William Challee

S4E17 S4E18

Phil Chambers


Woody Chambliss

S1E11 S5E14

Spencer Chan

S1E31 S4E31

Lane Chandler

S3E03 S3E14 S3E35 S5E10 S5E13

Lon Chaney Jr.

S2E22 S6E23

Jane Chang


W.T. Chang


Barrie Chase


Noble 'Kid' Chissell

S3E36 S5E17 S5E33

Eduardo Ciannelli

S1E23 S2E39

George Cisar

S2E28 S5E24

Ralph Clanton


Ellen Clark


Gage Clarke


Paul Clarke


Lee Van Cleef

S6E16 S6E32

John Close

S2E18 S2E28 S4E01

Edmund Cobb


James Coburn

S3E15 S3E27

Peter Coe

S1E09 S2E37

Stephen Coit


Bud Cokes


Robert Cole


Russell Collins


Booth Colman


Edward Colmans


Miriam Colon


Heinie Conklin

S1E17 S1E18 S1E34

Mike Connors


William Conrad

S5E28 S6E01

Hans Conried


Roberto Contreras

S1E07 S2E37 S4E31

Russ Conway


Tom Conway


Gene Coogan

S2E15 S3E36 S4E02 S5E11

Perry Cook

S2E13 S2E27 S3E04 S3E39 S4E04 S4E36 S5E04 S5E27 S6E15

Tommy Cook


Philip Coolidge

S2E33 S5E19

Bill Coontz

S1E05 S1E34

Dee Cooper

S1E15 S2E15

Jeanne Cooper


Henry Corden


Linda Cordova


Lloyd Corrigan


Will Corry


Ted de Corsia


Chuck Couch

S4E19 S5E09 S5E17 S5E22 S5E27 S5E35 S6E07

Bruce Cowling


Walter Coy


James Craig


Norma Crane

S1E17 S2E17 S3E02 S4E35

Diana Crawford


Johnny Crawford


Paul Cristo


Dennis Cross

S1E31 S1E36

Oliver Cross


Rupert Crosse


Joel Crothers


Dale Cummings


Owen Cunningham


Mason Curry

S1E17 S1E33

Ken Curtis

S3E04 S3E14 S4E02 S4E38 S5E36

Russell Custer

S1E17 S1E21 S6E11

Elsa Cárdenas


Carmen D'Antonio

S5E18 S6E24

John Daheim


Fred Dale


Abby Dalton


John Damler

S6E11 S6E14

Les Damon


Mark Dana


Allison Daniell


Royal Dano


Christopher Dark

S2E26 S6E23

Frankie Darro


Alexander Davion


Charles Davis


Jeff Davis


Jim Davis


Susan Davis

S3E18 S5E14

Hal K. Dawson


Howard Dayton


George DeNormand

S1E17 S1E33 S2E15 S4E31 S5E23

Sheryl Deauville


John Dehner


Cyril Delevanti

S3E13 S3E18

Dorothy Dells

S3E10 S3E26 S3E36 S5E13 S5E23 S6E03 S6E26

Nick Dennis


Crahan Denton

S4E15 S5E25 S6E26

Alan Dexter

S3E02 S3E32

Brad Dexter


Angie Dickinson


Joseph Dimmitt


Ivan Dixon


Lawrence Dobkin

S1E03 S3E28 S6E13

Faith Domergue

S6E05 S6E31

Elinor Donahue


Sandy Donigan

S6E19 S6E25

Dolores Donlon

S3E27 S5E13

Jack Donner


Robert Dornan


Bob Dorough


John Doucette

S1E25 S2E18

George Douglas


Doris Dowling


Chris Drake


Marcia Drake


James Drury


Andrew Duggan


Craig Duncan

S2E18 S2E32 S4E35

Gregg Dunn


Joan Dupuis


Jaye Durkus

S4E14 S5E06 S5E22

Lawrence Dutchison


Stewart East

S2E26 S2E27 S2E34 S3E08 S3E10 S3E14 S3E15 S3E17 S3E20 S3E27 S3E36 S3E37 S4E06 S4E09 S4E11 S4E19 S4E22 S4E32 S5E07 S5E08 S5E11 S5E12 S5E22 S6E04 S6E13 S6E16 S6E25

Buddy Ebsen

S4E30 S5E11

Duane Eddy

S5E02 S6E15

Chana Eden


Walker Edmiston


Sam Edwards


Johnny Eimen

S3E02 S4E32

Jack Elam

S2E31 S5E23

Joan Elan


Frank Ellis

S4E29 S5E15

John Emery


Robert Emhardt

S4E17 S4E18 S5E29 S6E19

Betty Endicott


Roy Engel

S2E12 S4E27 S5E06 S5E09 S5E15

Barbara English


Jean Engstrom

S4E26 S6E04

Jena Engstrom

S4E23 S5E02 S5E27

Bill Erwin

S1E26 S2E16 S4E14

Ross Evans


Carole Evern


Dolores Faith


Peter Falk


Hampton Fancher

S2E01 S3E08 S3E24

LaRue Farlow

S4E24 S4E28 S4E34 S5E17

Franklyn Farnum

S1E18 S4E26 S4E31

Lee Farr


Edward Faulkner

S2E04 S2E07 S2E27 S3E09 S3E28 S3E33 S4E15 S4E38 S5E08 S5E11 S5E21 S6E07 S6E15

William Fawcett


Parker Fennelly

S1E34 S4E06

Frank Ferguson


Abel Fernandez

S1E07 S1E13 S1E37

Michael Ferris


Mary Fickett


John Fiedler


Larry Finley


Mickey Finn

S2E07 S3E11

Shug Fisher

S5E03 S5E29 S6E03 S6E17

Duke Fishman

S1E19 S3E31 S4E01 S4E05 S4E25 S4E26 S4E27 S5E26 S5E30

Paul Fix


Harry Fleer

S3E17 S3E24

Bess Flowers

S4E16 S4E28

Gertrude Flynn


Bob Folkerson

S1E34 S6E18

Benson Fong


Harold Fong


Dick Foran


Constance Ford


Frederick Ford


George Ford

S2E03 S4E19 S5E01

Larkin Ford


Michael Forest


Robert Fortier


Dianne Foster


Donald Foster


Byron Foulger


James Franciscus


Eduard Franz


Charles Fredericks


Arny Freeman


Valerie French

S3E12 S3E37

David Fresco


Fran Frost


Betsy von Furstenberg


Martin Gabel

S4E01 S5E12

Nacho Galindo


David Garner


Peggy Ann Garner


Gale Garnett


Martin Garralaga


Kelton Garwood

S3E13 S3E31

Jerry Gatlin

S5E35 S6E04 S6E07 S6E12

James Gavin

S1E15 S2E37

Lisa Gaye

S1E16 S1E29

Leonard P. Geer

S1E08 S1E18 S1E38 S2E01

John George

S1E03 S1E17 S1E30 S1E31 S2E05 S2E15 S3E05 S3E13 S3E15 S4E02 S4E04 S4E14 S4E26 S5E04 S5E32

Frank Gerstle


Robert Gibbons

S1E33 S4E37 S5E33

Kenneth Gibson

S4E02 S4E19 S4E33

Sam Gilman

S1E35 S1E36

Robert Gist

S1E38 S3E05 S3E18 S4E24 S5E33

Marilyn Gladstone


Ned Glass

S1E07 S1E09 S4E29

Regina Gleason

S4E01 S5E12 S5E29

Edmund Glover


Miriam Goldina


Luis Gomez


James Gonzalez

S3E27 S3E28 S4E19 S4E21 S6E13

Bruce Gordon

S1E06 S2E19

Gerald Gordon

S5E14 S5E17

Leo Gordon

S1E04 S2E36 S4E16 S4E25

Frank Gorshin


Don Grady


Fred Graham


Herschel Graham

S4E26 S4E32 S5E01 S5E04 S5E19 S5E27 S5E32 S5E35 S5E38 S6E13 S6E16

Michael Granger


Steve Gravers


Charles H. Gray

S2E05 S3E18

Coleen Gray


Ronald Green


Tom Greenway


Dabbs Greer


Virginia Gregg

S2E08 S5E26

Mary Gregory

S3E21 S5E27

Duane Grey

S1E08 S1E26 S2E38 S4E35 S6E22

James Griffith

S5E24 S6E08 S6E27

Svea Grunfeld


Kit Guard


Frenchia Guizon


Clu Gulager


Raymond Guth


Herman Hack

S1E04 S2E23 S3E08 S3E36 S4E27 S4E32 S5E06 S5E17 S5E18 S6E11 S6E14 S6E15 S6E17 S6E28

Signe Hack


Nancy Hadley


Michael Hagan


Kevin Hagen

S1E34 S3E10 S4E17 S4E18 S6E04

Ron Hagerthy


Don Haggerty


Paul Hahn

S1E25 S2E17

Tony Haig

S3E17 S4E09

Robert Haines


Jester Hairston

S5E24 S6E13

Fred Hakim

S5E22 S6E25

Betsy Hale


John Hale


Bobby Hall


Stuart Hall


Chuck Hamilton


Joseph Hamilton

S3E18 S4E25

Murray Hamilton


Ted Hamilton


Chick Hannan

S1E04 S1E20 S1E36

Marilyn Hanold


Dean Harens


John Harmon

S5E24 S6E23

Robert H. Harris

S1E26 S3E37

Sam Harris

S1E33 S1E36 S2E03 S4E16 S4E20 S4E28 S6E21 S6E28

Stacy Harris

S3E01 S3E33

Jan Harrison


Bill Hart

S5E04 S6E04 S6E15

Paul Hartman


Richard Hartunian


Al Haskell


Raymond Hatton

S3E34 S3E38 S4E22

Chester Hayes


Chuck Hayward


Myron Healey


Wayne Heffley


Tom Helmore


Tom Hennesy


Carol Henry

S3E03 S4E06 S4E11

Lars Hensen


Pitt Herbert


Eddie Hice


Joe Higgins


Carol Hill


Peg Hillias


Michael Hinn

S1E36 S2E04

Ray Hoback


Earle Hodgins

S1E03 S1E17 S1E33 S2E20 S3E39

Howard Hoffman


Jack Hogan

S1E27 S2E12

Tex Holden

S1E08 S2E04 S2E15

Jonathan Hole


Hope Holiday


Jack Holland


John Holland

S3E05 S5E29

Tom Holland


Rex Holman


Stuart Holmes

S5E14 S5E22 S6E16

James Hong


Walter Soo Hoo


Foster Hood


Bob Hopkins

S2E16 S3E03 S3E08 S3E28

John Hopkins

S4E22 S5E07

Jimmie Horan


James Van Horn


White Horse


Charles Horvath


Anne Howard


Bob Hoy


Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.


Clegg Hoyt

S3E11 S4E29

John Hoyt

S3E22 S6E06

Kenneth Hudgins


George Huggins


Whitey Hughes

S2E04 S3E05

William Hunt


Brian G. Hutton


James Hyland

S2E35 S2E39

Jean Inness


Harold Innocent


Dale Ishimoto


Perry Ivins

S1E03 S1E28 S3E23

Thomas E. Jackson


Richard Jaeckel


Vivi Janiss


David Janti


Paul Jasmin


Enid Jaynes


Michael Jeffers

S4E32 S5E04 S5E33 S6E05

Bob Jellison


Dal Jenkins


Ben Johnson

S4E03 S5E07 S6E03

Jason Johnson

S3E31 S4E11

Edmund Johnston


Dick Johnstone

S1E33 S6E18

I. Stanford Jolley


Gordon Jones


L.Q. Jones

S5E17 S5E24 S6E19

Miranda Jones

S2E20 S3E26

Ray Jones

S1E08 S2E04 S2E06 S2E09 S3E36 S3E39 S4E03 S4E16 S4E22

Betsy Jones-Moreland

S4E09 S4E33

Warren Joslin

S5E16 S6E17

Allyn Joslyn


William Joyce


Allen Jung


Robert Karnes

S1E04 S2E10 S2E17 S4E20 S4E28 S5E04

Don Keefer

S1E04 S2E13 S4E07

Noah Keen

S5E06 S5E12

Michael Keep


Sherwood Keith


Barry Kelley

S4E14 S4E27 S6E14

DeForest Kelley


Mike Kellin

S2E13 S4E20 S4E28 S5E12

Don Kelly

S1E27 S3E17

Douglas Kennedy


George Kennedy

S4E03 S4E13 S4E36 S5E01 S5E05 S5E16 S5E26 S6E28

Tom Kennedy


Jack Kenny

S4E04 S4E05 S4E17 S4E25 S4E27 S4E32 S4E37 S5E17 S5E18 S6E09 S6E15

Carole Kent


Sandy Kenyon

S3E26 S4E04 S5E16

George Keymas

S1E37 S6E23

Christopher King

S6E09 S6E18

Paul King

S1E31 S6E25

Wright King

S1E16 S2E29 S3E39 S4E33 S5E13

Leonid Kinskey

S4E24 S5E21

Lee Kinsolving


Jess Kirkpatrick


Ingeborg Kjeldsen


Werner Klemperer

S3E07 S4E37

Jim Kline


Patric Knowles

S3E12 S4E12 S6E27

Gail Kobe


Mitchell Kowall

S1E15 S3E28

Lou Krugman


Charles Kuenstle

S5E38 S6E15

Richard LaMarr


Ethan Laidlaw

S4E05 S4E11 S4E30 S4E32 S5E06 S5E17 S5E18 S5E26 S6E01 S6E04 S6E09 S6E11 S6E13 S6E14 S6E15 S6E17 S6E18

Janet Lake

S3E08 S5E03

Mike Lally


Douglas Lambert


Jack Lambert


Tex Lambert


Syl Lamont


Miguel Angel Landa


Harry Landers

S1E14 S3E28

Mike Lane


Rusty Lane


John Larch

S2E04 S4E04

Wesley Lau

S2E33 S4E05

S. John Launer


Harry Lauter


Hugh Lawrence


Walter Lawrence

S2E15 S4E02

Jennifer Lea


Nolan Leary


Peter Leeds


Erin Leigh


David Leland


Raoul De Leon


James B. Leong


Bethel Leslie


Vana Leslie


Len Lesser


David Lewis


Harrison Lewis

S5E14 S5E30

Jack Lilley


Pamela Lincoln


Joanne Linville


John Litel


Josie Lloyd


Suzanne Lloyd


Felix Locher


June Lockhart

S1E12 S1E35

Alexander Lockwood


King Lockwood


Brad Logan


Tom London


Richard Long


Perry Lopez


Jack Lord


Jon Lormer


Phyllis Love

S4E17 S4E18

Celia Lovsky


Lisa Lu

S1E31 S3E25 S4E03 S4E04 S4E07 S4E08 S4E12 S4E16 S4E17 S4E20 S4E21 S4E22 S4E24 S4E26 S4E28 S4E31 S4E32 S4E33 S4E34 S4E35 S4E38

Loyal T. Lucas


Paul Lukather


BarBara Luna


Ken Lynch

S2E16 S3E26 S4E11

Rita Lynn

S1E23 S3E36

Gene Lyons

S3E02 S4E36

Ian MacDonald


Cactus Mack

S1E33 S2E04 S2E08 S3E31 S4E14

George Macready


Bert Madrid

S5E03 S5E04 S5E06 S5E09 S5E12 S5E15 S5E17 S5E18 S5E23 S5E26 S5E32 S5E33 S5E38 S6E09 S6E10 S6E11 S6E14 S6E15 S6E18 S6E21 S6E28 S6E31

Joe Madrid


Cy Malis

S1E35 S2E06 S2E22

James Maloney


Vitina Marcus


Theodore Marcuse

S1E01 S1E05 S1E08 S2E23

Flip Mark


Ted Markland

S2E27 S3E39

Scott Marlowe

S2E04 S3E13 S4E31

Florence Marly


Terence de Marney

S3E09 S3E11 S4E05

Marc Marno


Tita Marsell


Jack Marshall


Joan Marshall


Marion Marshall


Arlene Martel


Buzz Martin

S4E14 S5E32

Lewis Martin

S2E35 S3E31 S5E36

Strother Martin

S1E05 S1E08 S3E15 S5E17

Carl Mathews


George Mathews

S3E15 S6E06

John Matthews


Junius Matthews


John Mauldin


Lester Maxwell


Ken Mayer

S1E05 S1E25 S2E06

Kermit Maynard

S3E39 S4E16 S5E09

Harry Mayo

S4E34 S5E23 S6E09 S6E18 S6E21

Jacqueline Mayo


Mike Mazurki

S1E17 S4E02 S5E26

Tom McBride


Irish McCalla


Sean McClory


Mathew McCue

S1E03 S1E05 S1E16 S1E18 S1E21 S1E28 S1E34 S2E05 S4E25 S4E29 S5E11 S5E32

Philo McCullough


Francis McDonald

S1E01 S2E04

Fred McDougall

S1E08 S1E15 S1E17 S1E18 S1E22 S1E35 S1E39 S2E03 S2E05 S2E08

Rod McGaughy


Victor McLaglen


Catherine McLeod


John McLiam


Arlene McQuade


Eve McVeagh


Patrick McVey


Tyler McVey


William Meader

S2E12 S3E17 S4E02 S4E14 S4E16 S4E21 S4E28 S4E29 S4E32 S5E18 S5E26 S6E01 S6E10 S6E14 S6E16 S6E28

Patricia Medina

S2E10 S2E23 S6E20

Don Megowan

S1E30 S2E14 S2E35 S3E01

William Meigs


Max Mellinger


Troy Melton


Tina Menard


Judi Meredith

S4E34 S6E07 S6E27

Burt Metcalfe


Danielle De Metz


Fintan Meyler

S1E24 S3E13 S3E29 S5E26

Shawn Michaels

S5E30 S5E34

Lita Milan


John Milford

S4E08 S4E21

Denny Miller


Rick Miller


Edwin Mills


Mort Mills


Gerald Milton

S1E07 S5E31

William Mims

S2E33 S3E12 S6E14

Nico Minardos

S1E19 S1E37

Carlyle Mitchell


Dallas Mitchell

S3E03 S3E14 S4E29

George Mitchell

S2E06 S4E14

Steve Mitchell


James Mitchum


John Mitchum

S1E05 S1E26 S5E21 S5E37

Hans Moebus

S4E29 S4E30 S5E01 S5E17 S5E23 S5E24 S5E27 S6E11 S6E19 S6E28

Titus Moede


Nyra Monsour


Jovon Monteid


Lisa Montell


Ralph Moody

S1E33 S2E24 S3E23 S4E29

Dennis Moore


Norma Moore


Mike Morelli


Boyd 'Red' Morgan

S1E27 S1E30 S2E38 S5E11 S5E12

Harry Morgan

S2E11 S6E21

Patricia Morison


Ben Morris


Ann Morrison


Charles Morton


Bill Mumy


Mary Munday

S4E30 S5E36

James Murdock


Forbes Murray


Zon Murray


Hal Needham

S2E18 S2E34 S2E38 S3E03 S3E04 S3E14 S3E17 S3E19 S3E20 S3E32 S3E34 S3E36 S4E01 S4E02 S4E03 S4E04 S4E05 S4E06 S4E07 S4E11 S4E19 S4E20 S4E21 S4E22 S4E27 S4E32 S4E36 S4E37 S5E03 S5E05 S5E06 S5E08 S5E11 S5E16 S5E22 S5E35 S6E03 S6E04 S6E06 S6E07 S6E10 S6E15 S6E24 S6E25 S6E26 S6E31

Ralph Neff


George N. Neise


Arvid Nelson


Burt Nelson


Ed Nelson

S2E31 S2E35 S3E09 S3E32 S4E33

Gene Nelson


Patti Newby


Richard Ney


Chantal Noel


Jimmy Noel

S1E12 S1E13 S1E20 S1E28 S1E30 S1E32 S1E36 S5E15

Jeanette Nolan

S1E29 S4E07 S5E25 S5E27

Joe Norden


Natalie Norwick

S2E11 S2E24 S3E32 S4E15 S4E38 S5E16 S5E35

Jay Novello

S5E20 S5E38

Faye Michael Nuell


Daniel Nunez


William H. O'Brien

S2E38 S3E08 S3E25 S4E34 S5E01 S5E06 S6E11 S6E28

Shirley O'Hara

S2E24 S2E34 S4E19 S4E37 S5E05

J. Pat O'Malley

S3E02 S4E04

John O'Malley

S2E12 S3E08

Ollie O'Toole

S3E17 S4E34 S5E04 S5E15 S5E30

Simon Oakland


Warren Oates

S1E34 S4E09

Bob Okazaki


Tracy Olsen


James Olson


Narda Onyx


Bud Osborne

S3E19 S5E03 S5E20 S5E32

Frances Osborne

S1E15 S4E26

Cliff Osmond


Norman Pabst


Nestor Paiva

S6E01 S6E32

Gloria Pall


Gregg Palmer

S3E07 S3E24 S3E26 S6E14

Paul Palmer


Tom Palmer


Woodrow Parfrey


Earl Parker

S2E10 S2E38

Warren Parker

S1E02 S2E18 S3E13

James Parnell

S1E04 S2E08

Michael Pate

S1E07 S5E07 S5E29

Hank Patterson

S1E29 S1E36 S2E02 S2E05 S3E08 S3E23 S4E30 S5E14 S5E21 S5E37

Herbert Patterson

S3E20 S4E07

Ed Peck


Steve Peck


Leo Penn


Larry Pennell


Barbara Pepper


Gil Perkins


Jack Perkins


Jack Perrin


Vic Perrin

S1E04 S1E09 S3E21 S3E36 S4E27

Charles Perry


Jack Perry


Joseph V. Perry

S2E01 S2E15 S3E09

Jan Peters


Howard Petrie


Barney Phillips

S2E24 S3E16 S3E21 S4E08

Joe Phillips

S1E04 S1E15 S1E21 S4E29 S4E34

Phillip Pine


Tom Pittman


Edward Platt


Suzanne Pleshette


Joe Ploski


Gordon Polk

S3E08 S3E09 S4E10

Murray Pollack

S2E01 S4E16 S4E19 S4E26 S4E28 S4E33 S5E04 S5E11 S5E38 S6E09

Sydney Pollack

S4E17 S4E18

'Snub' Pollard

S5E12 S5E15 S5E34

David Potter


Paul Power

S4E19 S5E35 S6E11

John Powers


Judson Pratt

S1E01 S1E39

Gerald Price


Sherwood Price


Vincent Price


Andrew Prine

S4E11 S4E24

Denver Pyle

S1E11 S1E22 S2E16 S3E04 S3E37 S4E06 S4E15

John Quijada


Beulah Quo


Ford Rainey


Sue Randall

S3E05 S3E17

Donald Randolph

S1E37 S4E25

Gilman Rankin


Fred Rapport

S5E06 S6E11

Paul Ravel

S4E35 S6E13 S6E28

Jacqueline Ravell


Pamela Raymond

S3E17 S3E39

Paula Raymond


Grace Raynor


Peggy Rea

S1E11 S2E28 S3E39 S4E04 S5E02 S5E08 S6E18 S6E21

Anthony Redondo


Alan Reed


Ralph Reed

S2E21 S4E34

Richard Reed


Walter Reed


Tom Reese


Bob Reeves

S1E03 S1E05 S3E36

Richard Reeves


Katie Regan


Tony Regan

S2E22 S3E30 S3E35 S3E39 S4E09 S4E12 S4E14 S4E16 S4E21 S4E26 S4E28 S5E01 S5E04 S5E11 S5E27 S5E32 S6E01 S6E09 S6E13

Carl Benton Reid


Waclaw Rekwart


Pilar Del Rey


Adeline De Walt Reynolds


Hari Rhodes


Madlyn Rhue

S1E38 S2E21

John Rice


Dick Rich

S2E35 S3E31

Paul Richards

S2E29 S6E05

George Richardson


Robin Riley


Chuck Roberson

S3E36 S4E13 S4E38 S5E10

Pernell Roberts


Roy Roberts


Stephen Roberts

S2E25 S4E29 S4E34

Robert Robinson

S1E08 S2E09 S2E17 S3E05 S3E17 S3E36 S3E39 S5E15 S5E17 S6E17

Ziva Rodann


Franz Roehn


Wayne Rogers


Ric Roman


Carlos Romero

S5E16 S6E31

Victor Romito

S4E35 S6E13

Fay Roope

S1E28 S2E30

Buddy Roosevelt

S1E15 S1E30 S1E32 S2E07 S4E26 S4E27 S4E30

Bob Rose


Clark Ross

S4E33 S4E34 S4E35 S5E38 S6E16

Gene Roth

S1E01 S2E09 S3E37

John Roy

S1E19 S3E27

Herbert Rudley


Janice Rule


Al Ruscio


Bing Russell

S2E08 S6E07

Barry Russo


Richard Rust

S3E22 S4E34 S5E32

Willard Sage


Francis De Sales


Albert Salmi


Irma Sandrey

S4E28 S4E38

Lee Sands

S3E24 S4E01 S4E29

Joe De Santis


Cosmo Sardo

S3E15 S3E25 S3E28 S4E02 S5E17 S5E19 S5E23 S5E32 S6E11 S6E13 S6E16 S6E17 S6E24

Carl Saxe

S1E30 S4E05

Jeffrey Sayre

S2E13 S5E18

William Schallert

S1E10 S1E24 S5E18 S6E29

Phil Schumacher

S1E03 S3E05 S5E11 S6E17

Jacqueline Scott

S1E36 S2E16 S3E07 S4E10 S6E23

Pippa Scott


Marian Seldes

S1E06 S1E27

Milton Selzer

S5E12 S5E30

Frank Sentry


Rocky Shahan

S1E04 S1E07 S1E27

Harry Shannon

S1E01 S1E36

Richard Shannon

S1E23 S2E12 S2E15 S2E30 S3E22 S5E13 S5E27 S6E26

Howard Lewis Shapiro


Alex Sharp

S1E25 S5E18

William Shaw

S2E17 S2E33

Norman Shelly


Laura Shelton


Chick Sheridan

S4E14 S4E17 S4E30

Dan Sheridan

S2E01 S2E12

Teru Shimada


Mercedes Shirley


Jon Silo

S4E12 S6E18

Susan Silo


Pat Silver


Rick Silver

S3E38 S4E32 S5E10 S5E19

Robert F. Simon

S1E11 S2E09 S3E38 S5E23

Mickey Simpson


Sally Singer


Dawn Little Sky


Eddie Little Sky

S2E13 S3E16 S4E10

Jeremy Slate


Max Slaten


Bud Slater


Ted Smile

S2E15 S3E13 S3E36 S3E39 S4E04 S4E25 S4E29 S4E32 S5E15

Dean Smith


Hal Smith

S1E03 S3E38 S4E11 S4E28

K.L. Smith

S2E04 S2E39 S3E13

Kent Smith

S1E10 S4E20 S5E32

Milan Smith

S4E29 S5E33

Paul L. Smith


Tom Smith

S1E03 S4E04 S4E32

Ron Soble


Abraham Sofaer


Vladimir Sokoloff


Rudy Solari


Brett Somers

S4E09 S6E28

Cap Somers

S1E03 S1E05 S1E11 S1E28 S1E30 S2E39 S4E26 S4E31 S4E34 S5E11 S6E05

Quintin Sondergaard


Owen Song


Rudy Sooter


Paul Sorensen

S2E28 S3E04 S3E10

Olan Soule

S1E31 S1E34 S2E06 S3E09 S3E19 S3E29 S4E03 S4E22 S4E35 S5E30 S6E02

George Sowards

S1E04 S1E34

Arthur Space


Fay Spain


Earl Spainard


Ray Spiker

S2E38 S4E25 S4E30 S4E31 S4E34

James Stacy


Dan Stafford


Helene Stanley


Harry Dean Stanton

S2E19 S5E24

Virginia Steding


Bob Steele


Mike Steele


Tom Steele

S2E17 S4E05

Norman Stevans

S3E27 S4E34 S6E11 S6E21

Angela Stevens


Bert Stevens

S1E01 S3E24 S3E27 S4E04 S4E19 S4E33 S6E13

Naomi Stevens

S1E16 S5E34 S6E10

Onslow Stevens


Warren Stevens

S1E14 S5E16 S6E28

William Stevens

S2E02 S5E27

Robert Stevenson

S1E11 S3E21 S4E25 S4E26 S5E16 S5E36 S6E10 S6E15 S6E26

David J. Stewart


Peggy Stewart

S1E02 S5E11

George E. Stone


Harold J. Stone

S1E05 S1E16 S4E25

James Stone


Jack Stoney

S1E19 S5E34

Ruth Storey


Chet Stratton

S2E12 S3E27 S4E26

Shepperd Strudwick


Olive Sturgess


Ross Sturlin

S3E17 S3E33 S4E19 S5E37 S6E24

Liam Sullivan


Jerry Summers

S4E24 S5E37 S6E28

Clinton Sundberg


Frank Sutton


William Swan


Tom Sweet


Karl Swenson

S1E36 S2E08 S2E30 S4E24 S4E30 S4E33

Joan Swift


Hal Taggart

S4E14 S5E14 S6E13

William Talman

S4E08 S4E21

Alix Talton


Charles Tannen


Mark Tapscott


Buck Taylor


Steven Terrell


Terry Terrill

S3E27 S4E02 S4E11 S5E01 S6E24

Tex Terry

S2E18 S2E20

Jack Tesler


Robert Tetrick


Lorna Thayer

S3E10 S3E16 S4E02 S5E36

Kelly Thordsen


Russell Thorson


Carol Thurston

S1E04 S2E37

John Thye


Lucian Tiger


Kenneth Tobey


Kam Tong

S1E01 S1E02 S1E05 S1E07 S1E09 S1E11 S1E13 S1E16 S1E22 S1E24 S1E26 S1E28 S1E29 S1E31 S1E32 S1E33 S1E38 S2E01 S2E05 S2E08 S2E09 S2E10 S2E12 S2E13 S2E16 S2E17 S2E19 S2E20 S2E21 S2E22 S2E23 S2E24 S2E25 S2E26 S2E29 S2E30 S2E31 S2E33 S2E35 S2E36 S2E37 S2E38 S3E01 S3E03 S3E05 S3E07 S3E08 S3E09 S3E10 S3E11 S3E12 S3E14 S3E15 S3E16 S3E19 S3E21 S3E24 S3E25 S3E26 S3E27 S3E28 S3E29 S3E30 S3E34 S3E35 S3E36 S3E37 S3E38 S4E01 S4E02 S4E11 S5E01 S5E02 S5E03 S5E04 S5E05 S5E06 S5E07 S5E09 S5E10 S5E11 S5E12 S5E13 S5E15 S5E17 S5E19 S5E21 S5E23 S5E24 S5E25 S5E29 S5E30 S5E32 S5E34 S5E36 S5E37 S5E38 S6E02 S6E04 S6E09 S6E13 S6E16 S6E17 S6E19 S6E22 S6E26 S6E31 S6E32

Jack Tornek

S1E15 S2E05 S2E15 S4E02 S4E04 S4E05 S4E27 S4E28 S4E30 S4E31 S4E34 S5E17

Arthur Tovey


Harry Townes


Paul Tripp


Sid Troy

S4E05 S4E14 S5E11 S5E18 S5E22 S5E23 S5E32 S5E33 S5E34 S5E38 S6E10 S6E15

Brad Trumbull


Wayne Tucker


Moria Turner


Lurene Tuttle


Ann Urcan


Nancy Valentine


Rick Vallin

S1E25 S1E26

Jeanne Vaughn


William Vaughn

S2E39 S4E29

Ricky Vera


June Vincent

S1E07 S1E11 S3E33 S4E27 S4E32

Sailor Vincent

S5E11 S5E22 S5E26 S6E21 S6E25

Murvyn Vye


Max Wagner

S3E39 S4E37 S6E25

Garry Walberg

S6E07 S6E25

Otto Waldis


Joe Walls


Larry Ward


Sandra Warner


Sonia Warren


Steve Warren


James Waters


Fredd Wayne

S4E17 S4E18

Jerry Wayne


Patrick Wayne


Doodles Weaver


Joan Weldon


Mel Welles


William Wellman Jr.

S3E04 S3E10 S3E31 S5E31

Rusty Wescoatt


Martin West

S4E34 S5E36

Johnny Western


Brad Weston

S2E32 S3E16 S3E18 S3E26 S3E36 S3E39 S4E28 S5E06

Jack Weston

S3E30 S4E09

Mark Whalen


Christine White

S1E25 S2E07

Dan White


David White

S3E08 S3E10 S4E27 S6E11

Blackie Whiteford


Stuart Whitman


Bob Whitney


Cece Whitney


Peter Whitney

S1E20 S4E12

David Whorf


Eileen Wilk


Robert Wilke

S1E19 S2E21 S3E14 S3E20 S6E21

Elen Willard

S6E08 S6E25

Adam Williams

S1E18 S2E29 S3E34

Chalky Williams

S3E36 S5E17

Henry Wills


Harry Wilson

S5E15 S5E23 S6E18 S6E25

Jacqueline Wilson

S5E23 S6E25

Shimon Wincelberg


Hank Wise


Grant Withers

S1E02 S1E12 S1E35

Beal Wong

S1E29 S3E25

Allen Wood


Lana Wood


Ward Wood

S2E18 S2E36

William Woodson

S5E23 S6E32

Bob Woodward

S4E22 S4E32 S5E23 S5E35 S6E16

Morgan Woodward


Stephen Wootton


C. Lindsay Workman

S3E05 S3E08

Ben Wright

S1E30 S2E27 S2E36 S4E19 S4E33 S4E36

Than Wyenn


Meg Wyllie


Setsuko Yamaji


Elizabeth York

S2E30 S2E33

Buck Young


Joe Yrigoyen

S5E27 S6E23