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August 17, 2000
National Top Fifteen
1 Marlboro (MA) Shamrocks   Eastern
2 Scranton (PA) Eagles   Empire
3 Detroit (MI) Seminoles   Mid-States
4 Kane Co. (IL) Eagles   Mid-Cont.
5 Wichita Falls (TX) Drillers   United Pro.
6 Puget Sound (WA) Jets   Northwest
7 Racine (WI) Raiders   Mid-Cont.
8 Knights of Miami   United-FL
9 Central PA Piranha   NAFL
10 Springfield (MO) Rifles   NAFL
11 Denver (CO) Titans   Colorado
12 Austin (TX) Rattlers   NAFL
13 VA Ravens   Mason-Dixon
14 So. MI Timberwolves   Mid-Cont.
15 Georgia Rage   Millennium

Northeast Region
1 Marlboro (MA) Shamrocks   Eastern
2 Scranton (PA) Eagles   Empire
3 Central PA Piranha   NAFL
4 Middleboro (MA) Cobras   Eastern
5 W. Deptford (NJ) Broncos   Mason-Dixon
6 Watertown (NY) Red & Black   Empire
7 Orange Co (NY) Bulldogs   Empire
8 Lowell Nor'easter   New England
9 Brooklyn (NY) Mariners   Garden States
10 Buffalo (NY) Gladiators   NY Amatuer

Midwest Region
1 Detroit (MI) Seminoles   Mid-States
2 Kane Co (IL) Eagles   Mid-Cont.
3 Racine (WI) Raiders   Mid-Cont.
4 So. MI Timberwolves   Mid-Cont.
5 Force of Illinois   Mid-States
6 Will Co. (IL) Buccaneers   Mid-Cont.
7 Jackson (MI) Bombers   Mid-Cont.
8 Cincinnati (OH) Jets   Ohio Valley
9 Ft. Wayne (IN) Rhinos   Mid-Cont.
10 Madison Co. (IN) Chiefs   FFL

Southeast Region
1 Knights of Miama     United-FL
2 VA Ravens     Mason-Dixon
3 Georgia Rage     Millennium
4 VA Monarch     United-NY
5 Atlanta (GA) Prime     Southern
6 Arbutus (MD) Big Red     Mason-Dixon
7 No. GA Raiders     NAFL
8 Florida Kings     United-FL
9 Ashville (NC) Grizzlies     Millennium
10 Fayettsville (SC) Cardinals     Mason-Dixon

Central Region
1 Wichita Falls (TX) Drillers     United Pro.
2 Springfield (MO) Rifles     NAFL
3 Austin (TX) Rattlers     NAFL
4 St. Louis (MO) Bulldogs     NAFL
5 Oklahoma Bad Boyz     NAFL
6 Basin (TX) Bulldogs     United Pro.
7 Iowa Stars     Great Plains
8 Dallas (TX) Diesel     NAFL
9 Kansas Plainsmen     Great Plains
10 Central AK Renegades     NAFL

West Region
1 Puget Sound (WA) Jets     Northwest
2 Denver (CO) Titans     Colorado
3 Colorado Springs Generals     Colorado
4 So. Ogden (UT) Rhino Raiders     Utah
5 California Dolphins     Southwest
6 Colorado Springs Flames     Colorado
7 Oregon Thunderbolts     Northwest
8 Inland Empire (CA) Blitz     Southwest
9 Snake River (MT) Rebels     Independent
10 So. California Cardinals     Southwest
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