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Pencil Sketches 

Once upon a time I mostly used pencil, oils, and acrylics for my art.
Then along came computers. Which still didn't do much for my art until 1984.
You will be able to read about how that all began at The History Of PC Video
which is in its early development stages.

I really need to find time to dig out my sketch books and do some scanning.
These are a couple that mean the most to me, for reasons given below.

Da Duke

8" x 10" pencil

Did this for a Chapman University art class
This was done on terra firma at Chapman University's
land campus working from a photograph of The Duke.

Once I was in a movie with John Wayne
when I was 12. Really! Watch it below lol
sometime when u have 5 minutes to spare.
It's also a nice demo of Adobe CS and Lightwave.

P-40  #41-14156

Robert Lee Scott over The Hump

10" x 8"pencil

Did this for a Chapman University art class
I did this somewhere along the way on
the Pacific and Indian Oceans while aboard the
SS Universe Campus
I actually received a poor grade on this.
My professor said I should be drawing things
that were more relevant to me. Little did he
appreciate how relevant this had always been.
Neither did he appreciate that it was drawn from
memory and actually is a pretty damn good P-40.
He was from California, so that made sense...