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AK Denali Info        Old flipbook
TPC-0101-181017-links-audio-RS.pdf with embedded audio
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1995 CHICAGO CHEETAHS (Roller Hockey International)
The Hockey News: RHI - An Oral History (with Brian's photo)
CHEET SHEETs Vol 2 #1 - 6/9/95 | Vol 2 #2 - 6/15/95 | Vol 2 #1 - 7/28/95
Off-Surface Officials' Manual



none aired yet - waiting on Stan for final v/o
07/31/19 Hacienda / La Cabana TXG1908HACI01-wCG-Matthew-720-190731
                 Hacienda / La Cabana TXG1908HACI01-wCG-Matthew-Salli-720-190731
07/01/19 Fairway Market TXG1906FAIR01-720-0701-vo5
06/30/19 Fairway Market TXG1906FAIR01-720-0630-vo5
                 PRELIMINARY pending new photo

06/06/19 Multiple Client Tests TXG1906SCROLL1-Joanna-720-0606 Joanna v/o
                 Multiple Client Tests TXG1906SCROLL1-Matthew-720-0606 Matthew v/o
                 Multiple Client Tests TXG1906SCROLL1-EmmaEN-720-0606 Emma (BJ lady) v/o


01/10/18 Fairway Market TXG1801FAIR01-720-0110-vo5 latest vo

2017 (none aired)

01/30/17 Belson Steel TXG1701BELS04-test4 newest version - 3 older versions below
                  TXG1701BELS01-test.mp4    TXG1701BELS02-test2.mp4    TXG1701BELS03-test3.mp4
01/31/17 Hacienda TXG1701HACI01-170131 newest version - unfinished never got vo
01/31/17 La Cabana TXG1701CABA01-test1 newest version - unfinished never got vo
03/28/17 Sand Lake Auto TXG1703SAND1-170328
                 newest version with waving checkered flags
04/04/17 Final Inning TXG1703FINA1-170404 Version 1
08/07/17 Final Inning TXG1708FINA2-720-170807a Version 2 - added her pics

10/25/17 RFD-TV TXG1710RFDTV8-720 Ver 8 of spec video for Patrick Gottsch
                 with spinning windmill

12/20/17 Belson Steel TXG1712BELS01-720-171221 dumped funky video, added fx

Product Photography and Marketing/Training Videos - HD
All videos are shown on home page here.

09/27/13 Family Source Consultants

SHOW MY COMMERCIAL All of these are SD - most aired on Comcast™.
Traditional commercials - content intended to provide info & promote business.

Renaissance Cosmetic Laser - series of 4 spots - branding.
Mendota Lutheran Home "Come See The Difference"
JP Chevy - As seen on 2008 ESPN Monday Night Football (Bears game 12/22)
Ottawa Honda - As seen on 2008 ESPN Monday Night Football (Bears game 12/22)
The Property Merchants - Real Estate - Luxury Homes
Festival 56 - Illinois' Largest Summer Festival
Princeton, IL - 12 Days Of Christmas - conforms to Bureau Of Tourism Specs for logo on TV
US Rt 66 - Red Carpet Corridor - presented by Garden Gate Home Decor & Bakery


08/12/18 Generic Holiday Stock Clips Holiday Clips getting ready for Holiday Promotion
               wait till next year...


is at  St. Pats links are there - use that page for LINKS only
don't send anybody there - clients might not appreciate the religious humor

ADDICTION STUFF incl A.S.S. Defender

09/23/17 GSSDefender-H-DeathStar.mp4
                  Original - "H" Death Star over AK w A.S.S. Defender fly-by
09/24/17 GSSDefender2-H-DeathStar.mp4
                  Different fly-by
10/01/17 GSSDefender4-H-DeathStarBlowup.mp4
                  New text - Capt Nalox - syringes whiz by - Death Star blows up
10/04/17 GSSDefender5-Syringes.mp4
                  More syringes & closer up - Capt. Heal - no Death Star
10/04/17 GSSDefender6-Syringes-vo.mp4
                  VO replaces text - Capt. Heal, 1st Officer Hope
10/05/17 GSSDefender7-SyringeEcs-vo.mp4
                  1st pass with Ecstasy models
10/05/17 GSSDefender9-SyrEcsMulti-vo.mp4
                  smoothed out Ecstasy pills - added variations
10/07/17 Pills-Dimitri.mp4
                  new pill models - green Dimitri - added KHM logo
10/08/17 Pills3-Dimitri-WH.mp4
                  even more pill models - White House live action BGs dissolve to space


05/31/19 Tucker Carlson UFO segment (edited to mp4)
04/29/19 Tribune - Harvest Bible Chapel terminated from national accreditation group
02/13/19 harvest bible chapel moves quickly to fire founder macdonald after recordings air
02/??/19 des plaines river bridge on i-80 found structurally intolerable


Wild Electric Lunatic Night
10/27/99 Slim Chance - Cryin Cowboy

Blasts From The Past

From Channel 9 'Chicago's Very Own'
Classic Victory Auto Wreckers w nutbusting car door, old Sox cmcl, Ch9 Signoff w SSB