The Backstory

Coupla weeks ago, a pulley froze on Bubba, and was destroyed by the belt.
So had to borrow neighbor's mower to cut grass for the first time this year.
His battery was dead, so I removed Bubba's battery and we put it in his mower.

Also, I've been patching the muffler seam on my Caravan for the last coupla years.
Last weekend it completely blew out, so I couldn't drive it without risking a ticket.

The Recovery

Monday, May 15

Ordered exhaust kit from and new pulley from

Thursday, May 18

Exhaust kit arrived.

New pulley also arrived - no photo available.

Friday, May 19

Denise came over and we made this for her mom's memorial service June 20

Saturday, May 20

I went to Boone AH, picked up Royal Canin Special Diet for Johnny Doe.
Then went to Menards and got a new battery for Bubba.
Dunno if you've ever replaced an exhaust system in your driveway,
but without benefit of a lift, it's a 2-man job, so Stanley came over to help.
Actually, he did most of it, with me finding and handing him tools,
and holding pieces in place. First remove old parts.

New muffler goes in first.

And finally after MUCH finagling, twisting, and pushing,
the resonator and pipe is in place.

Finished installing all clamps, nuts tightened with a 9/16" box ratchet.

But our Saturday wasn't over yet

We let down the Caravan and started on Bubba (no pics available)
Jacked up Bubba, and Stanley added more grease to the bearings on the new pulley.
Then he installed the new pulley and figgered out how to route the belt properly.
I installed the new battery, and PRESTO!! - Bubba was moving again!


It was dark (around 10pm) - we were hungry, so went looking for grub.
I had my hopes on a hot roast beef sandwich - mangled as I usually do -
Sandwich cut into little pieces, gravy, mashed taters, ranch dressing,
LOTSA black pepper all mushed together.
So knowing Willow Hills was closed, we headed for Country Cup at Rolling Lanes.
Alas! Our 24-hr go-to now closes at 10pm! WTF!
So we went on a journey - Wolf's Head Restaurant (closed), Fajitas (closed),
Rafferty's (open but no suitable food there), Pepe's (closed), Honey Jam (closed),
Hooters (open but only has fried food, wings, salads & burgers),
Russell's (recently permanently closed but reopening as gambling joint).
So we ended up at Cocula (open til 2am weekends).
Stanley got a steak burrito, I had enchiladas molé, and we stuffed our faces.

The End